Apr 2019
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Good show.
Many people have accurately pointed it out that the traditional media IS the Democratic Party — and the Democratic Party IS the traditional media. They’re inseparable, and it’s undeniable.

It’s ALSO undeniable that they are SO consumed by hate— they will set their grandmother on fire to beat Trump.

Democrat Zombie-Land has become so annoying and shrill— they’re no more than an ill-behaved child throwing a tantrum in the corner of the room while the adults are trying to enjoy dinner.

They scream like lunatics. Everything pushes them the Maximum Anger.
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Aug 2019
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Oh look, more right wing projection. Right wingers hate for no reason other than they are brainwashed idiots.

And liberals hate the right for their racism, their ignorance, their selfishness, and general scumbagginess
Nov 2013

Many people have accurately pointed it out that the traditional media IS the Democratic Party — and the Democratic Party IS the traditional media. They’re inseparable, and it’s undeniable.


end quote

Yah. See Media bias in the United States - Wikipedia

"The conservative media ecosystem[edit]

"Perceived liberal bias was cited by Roger Ailes as a reason for setting up Fox News.[92] From the late 20th Century, a right wing media ecosystem grew up in parallel to mainstream journalism, leading to an asymmetric polarization in conservative media.[93] While The Wall Street Journal always leaned conservtive, it is nonetheless part of the journalistic mainstream, committed primarily to factual reporting.[94] New right-leaning media outlets including Breitbart News, NewsMax, WorldNetDaily, and Fox News instead have a core mission to promote a conservative or right-wing agenda.[94][95][96][97][98][99]

"Cable news[edit]

"Kenneth Tomlinson, while chairman of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, commissioned a $10,000 government study into Bill Moyers' PBS program, NOW.[100] The results of the study indicated that there was no particular bias on PBS. Tomlinson chose to reject the results of the study, subsequently reducing time and funding for NOW with Bill Moyers, which many including Tomlinson regarded as a "left-wing" program, and then expanded a show hosted by Fox News correspondent Tucker Carlson. Some board members stated that his actions were politically motivated.[101] Himself a frequent target of claims of bias (in this case, conservative bias), Tomlinson resigned from the CPB board on November 4, 2005. Regarding the claims of a left-wing bias, Moyers asserted in a Broadcasting & Cable interview that "If reporting on what's happening to ordinary people thrown overboard by circumstances beyond their control and betrayed by Washington officials is liberalism, I stand convicted."[102]

"According to former Fox News producer Charlie Reina, unlike the AP, CBS, or ABC, Fox News's editorial policy is set from the top down in the form of a daily memo: "[F]requently, Reina says, it also contains hints, suggestions and directives on how to slant the day's news—invariably, he said in 2003, in a way that was consistent with the politics and desires of the Bush administration."[103] Fox News responded by denouncing Reina as a "disgruntled employee" with "an ax to grind."[103] Andrew Sullivan wrote of Fox that "[o]ne alleged news network fed its audience a diet of lies, while contributing financially to the party that benefited from those lies."[104] The same is true of Sinclair Broadcast Group,[105] which notably instructed all its local news anchors to run a conservative message in the main news segment.[106] Its rapid growth through station group acquisitions—especially during the lead-up to the 2016 presidential elections—had provided an increasingly large platform promting conservative views.[107][108][109][110]"

(My emphasis - more @ the URL)

Given that lots of people in the US don't bother to read a newspaper or magazines, I think the politically Conservative POVs are well served in the electronic media marketplace. Isn't Fox ballyhooed as often winning its time segment? What more can you ask for?

Besides, most of the big electronic media - Disney, CBS, NBC - are part of huge conglomerates, & news is only a tiny segment of their income. That's why the newspapers are consolidating, & magazines are folding left & right. Very soon, print media will just be a media niche, if they aren't already. That's why all foreign correspondents for the big media are typically British or Australian, & the US big media don't have foreign news bureaus anymore, nor a science & technology department domestically - too expensive, didn't generate enough (any?) profit.