I am a woman, not a cisgender

Dec 2013
Beware of watermelons
The original reason for inventing the word “cisgender” may have been to, in the words of the gender warriors, “destabilize hetero-normativity,” but, as revolutions will, once the giant ball of cultural crazy began rolling down the slippery slope, it mowed down others too. Old-fashioned gays and lesbians soon found themselves labeled “cisgender” by their angry ideological offspring, the hipper, “gender fluid” crowd.

“Cisgender” has such negative connotations that some of these “born gay and lesbian” activists are now vociferously complaining about being lumped in with all those “born heterosexual” women and men. As one gay HuffPo writer complained:

[A]s a “cisgendered” man I’m not allowed an opinion, not allowed a voice, not allowed to disagree, not allowed to have a lived experience of embodying a gender identity that is diverse and varied and absolutely out of step with the norm I’m ascribed to by the word “cis-.” Instead, I’m supposed to reflect on my privilege before I am allowed to interrupt the people whose opinions matter. I’m supposed to “check my privilege.” I am a binary male within a binary “cisgendered” vs. transgendered paradigm. I’m the enemy . . .
Welcome to the schadenfreude buffet, buddy.

Way back in 2014, when I warned my friends that “cisgender” was about to become a thing, and that thing was them, I suspect that their lack of alarm stemmed from the belief that the academic sex theorists were just too radical and too crazy to ever be taken seriously outside the insane asylum of higher education.

I am a woman, not a cisgender


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Maybe it is because of my scientific background, but I see cisgender and I see a simple description. I have never once heard it used as a slur.

Can you offer an example of a website or a news report where this was actually done?

Sounds like this person is making this up.