I believe other then their president, Mitch McConnell is the biggest sell out to this country for money and power

Oct 2017
From the Day Obama came into office , McConnell's Bigotry stuck out totally with him saying they will never let Obama get anything he wants , to the anti American anti constitutional way that they wouldn't even talk to the candidate that Obama chose for Supreme court judge, for 11 months. No one is uglier then McConnell That maybe is the ugliest hateful evil incident I can think of in politics.
I tell you why they need there people as the majority in the supreme court. One they will turn Wade VS roe against what the country wants. The worse part is that they will open the doors for laws that restrict votes of any group that is populated by Democrats . They want this country to put immigrants where the blacks are now, for one reason. Demographics will dump their party, so they have to make Immigrants ugly and dangerous and mostly repressed so they know their place like minorities, to take away their votes. Psychologically and physically. This is their only hope for their future .
The Browning of America will put these minorities as the majorities in two decades and the right know this . These people will never vote for the right in any number after being treated like shit from the right for decades. The right has no choice, they can say that Minorities and immigrants have to be supported by them to get the vote back from them and they possibly could get a start on doing that with a 2 decade head start. Here's the problem, right now the right knows that the hate based part of the right need the minorities and the Immigrants to hate because that is what drives their bus. So supporting Minorities and Immigrants would lose them the next election . Or they can try to get rid of the Immigrants and minorities ability to vote. If this country reads this for what it is ,they will lose anyway. But the browning of America will give them no future. In this form in this country. So they will spit on all of us , they will spit on the constitution and they will spit on the values that makes this country what it is for power and money. They have to go. They are a disgrace to everything that is right in this country.

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