I regret that I have but one grandparent to give for my country

Nov 2012
Before the COViD 19 virus had been we losing 50,000 a year to flu bugs already , should we have shut down the economy before this?
You sound like just the kind of patriot we need to make the ultimate sacrifice for the Trump economy. I say all like minded patriots should join together and become maga martyrs for the cause.

What do you say maga patriots. Lets have one big Easter Sunday this year, and all of the true Trump patriots out there join in one final supper for the capitalist cause, and show these heathen snowflakes what principles really look like.
Jun 2013
Obama passed legislation the led to the highest number of Americans having insurance in the history of the country and the right wing called it DEATH PANELS. Republicans are willing to sacrifice war veterans and retired teachers in favor of $$$$ and they call themselves pro-life. Idiocy on display.
Feb 2020
dfw, texas
So there is a percent of deaths that is ok?
yeah. the percentage of people who are born who will die is 100%. there is no 100% safe anything. so knowing rates is crucial to those of us who try to think, and not just react. you might want to stay in isolation, freeze the economy, put millions of average Americans in dire economic straights by believing it is too dangerous for people to work, even if they do maintain 6' distancing and clean hands or gloves and stop almost any chance of being infected because 4 people out of a thousand might die, but then why allow anyone to drive a car, or walk across a street or go outside when it is raining so you cannot get hit by lightning?
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Nov 2005
We could have fewer flu deaths with general quarantine, so we should do this forever?
We have a medical system that can treat the rate of serious flu problems that come in. The seriously ill flu victim can get a hospital bed to help give them a chance at recovery.

With coronavirus, we are talking about trying to prevent extra deaths because hospitals don't have the rooms and/or equipment to deal with them. Somebody's Grandma could have a fighting chance to beat the coronavirus with a ventilator and a hospital bed. But when all the ventilators in the hospital are in use or when there are insufficient rooms, we will be having additional people dying which we could have prevented if we had simply flattened the curve.

Dec 2015

From time to time there are statements that some military actions (e.g. Iraq, etc) are motivated by corporate money => oil.
Speaking hypothetically, if such statements were true that would be morally repugnant. Our fighting men and women do not enlist / commission and risk their lives and die so that some companies can profit.

I urge people to consider the parallel where we are asking our elderly who did not volunteer to risk their lives for other people's money. Instead of protecting our sick and dying, some are asking that we should make the problem worse. And those who are speaking out the loudest (Beck, LT Gov of Texas, etc) are asking this from a privileged position of being able to throw millions into their healthcare if they get sick ...
... while the elderly they think we should risk would typically be covered by Medicare / Medicaid or other services.

While I personally think there could be a discussion for balance in our approach, asking people to die just because people are suffering economically is downright disgusting. Worse, we would not be in this mess if Trump weren't such an unmitigated boil on the face of rationality and he idiotically squandered our optimal preparedness in favor of him fixating on how the disease might impact him politically.
It was the equivalent of having a strong home security system purchased and in place, but Trump just neglected to enable it because he was concerned that doing so would harm his image. :mad:
Speaking of sacrificing OLD people..........is Trump willing to die for his country? For the benefit of the young and healthy? For the benefit of the Republican Party and Christian zealots?
Dec 2015
ANYONE who deigns to even remotely suggest that saving this economy is worth the lives of a few of our elderly, lacks any respectable moral values. Yet they are the very people who most loudly parade around touting "moral values" and "family values" while being devoid of both.
Oops---you forgot. The GOP is PRO-LIFE.