I see what's going on now

Sep 2019
The democrats don't really wanna win the 2020 election. That's why they're pushing people who are actually worse than Trump. I get it now. They don't want a real democrat. They want to push these extreme radical candidates like Bloomberg, Buttigeg, Biden and Warren, just to make sure that Trump gets re-elected. The deal is going to be the Dems take the senate.

Why? IMO, it's so the people who really run this country can push more of their special interest down our throats.
The clues: Democrats are suddenly pro war again.
Dems aren't bashing Trumps spending.
They just rammed the Patriot act down our throats.
Some huge donations (probably) just got coughed up to keep the ACA a live & well. (to make sure a M4A doesn't pass) This would be the work of the insurance lobbyist.
The MIC lobbyist can push harder for their wars after the election. (Notice how there's no push for any wars now, suddenly)
The Fed. Res. is in high cotton, thanks to the Dem controlled House. and the unconservative republicans in the Senate.

In short, it's a farce. It's all a big show. They've probably already chosen the next president (Trump) The media knows it. Probably a couple of candidates know it.

What say you, @caconservative? Seems to be a pattern with all the presidents since Reagan.
Jun 2019
The democrats don't really wanna win the 2020 election.
Oh, they do, they just won't stoop so low as to make themselves likable by the human pond-scum known as Trump-voters.

They are on the MASA tour, Make America Sane Again, and that will take some election cycles (and lots of #MAGA morons dying off)...
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Jul 2019
wait, so Biden, Bloomberg, Buttigieg & Warren are all not only worse than trump, but they're all extreme radicals too?

but you're not a trump supporter? ohkaaaay
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