I will make my own Gold Standard and pay no more taxes

Mar 2020
Land of Freedom
Huh? She is not a banker, she is a lawyer, Getting a banking mogul as a mistress would be a jackpot. I guess you didn't like the answer to your simple question.
Dec 2014
Memphis, Tn.
The cruise ship industry is notorious for flying foreign flags on their ships to AVOID PAYING U.S. TAXES. Now they demand the U.S. taxpayer bail their asses out. This corporate hypocrisy and socialism needs to end.
Yep, if they are flying the flag of Panama, or wherever, and their crews come mainly from poor Asian and South American countries let THOSE counties bail them out.
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Nov 2019
The laws of The United States make it very difficult for a US flagged vessel to compete in the real world . A US flagged boat must employ US people , meet US safety and staffing requirements . To look at it neutrally we could not afford a cruise on a US boat . Did ya every notice that a cruise from Miami to St. Thomas USVI will always stop in the Bahamas or some other nation , why , to avoid enforcement of " The Jones Act ". The same law that keeps Air France or Air India from flying from NYC to Baltimore . Must be a US carrier to go US Port to US port.