Idaho fish and game commissioner getting requests to resign after hunting family of baboons' on Africa trip

Mar 2013
Middle Tennessee
I hunted a little when I was a teenager. Ate what I killed. But don't really like the taste of wild meat. Now days I "hunt" the meat isle at Costco !!! I'd love to go to Africa for a photo safari. But I see no use in the kind of trophy killing like the baboon family.
Nov 2014
Nov 2012
Year round we offer you the opportunity for hunting Baboon trophies. There are no seasonal restrictions on hunting Baboon in Namibia, which makes it a suitable trophy throughout the year.
Baboons do not have a definite breeding season and are sexually active throughout the year. African Baboons are preyed upon by Leopard and Cheetah. It is known that Baboons will viciously attack their predators when threatened. Baboon troops can be up to a 100 strong, and have a well-developed and complex social structure.
The Baboon is Omnivorous and under natural conditions they feed on wild fruits, seeds and insects. On occasion they will feed on the flesh of small mammals and birds. Because troops are inclined to raid commercial crops, baboons are not popular with maize and fruit farmers.
Baboons are very fond of raiding crops, such as common sunflowers and alfalfa. They are therefore considered to be a pest by most farmers in Africa. Baboons are also often the hunter’s worst enemy, because they give away ones position with their loud alarm calls.
Baboons tend to live in a way that protects them from predators and therefore hunting Baboon can be very difficult. They are very social and are constantly in groups, making it fairly easy for them to avoid or intimidate predators, such as humans who are hunting them.
A shot to the upper body should accomplish your purpose when hunting Baboon. Just keep in mind that stealth is very important because Baboons will alarm their troops as soon as they sense your presence. This will cause all of the baboons in the area to move far away very quickly. Shooting distance will range between 100 and 150 yards. It is very important that you are sitting very quietly in a blind as Baboons will take off at the slightest sound or movement.
When hunting Baboon, set up a blind along their daily path between their roosts and feeding grounds, and wait for them to come in your direction.
Hunting Baboon Namibia | Baboon Hunting Trips in Namiba & Africa

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Hunting Baboon in Namibia
Although baboons are a protected species they are generally seen as pests as they are very destructive to lodges and homes.

Key word being protected. I wonder if he was on a fenced preserve??

There are over 15,000 free range wild animals living naturally within our densely populated game-only territory.
Starting to sound like it..digging some more

Not sure if it is fenced or not. What sticks out to me is the part about Baboons being a protected species.

Conservation status
The baboon's primary predators are humans, cheetahs and leopards. According to the International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resource's Red List of Threatened Species, no baboon species are endangered. All of them are listed as least concern, except for one.

The Guinea baboon is listed as near threatened because it is believed that they may have lost 20 to 25 percent of their home range in the past 30 years. This range loss is due greatly to human farming and hunting.
Facts About Baboons

The more I read about it the more I think that the idiot attempted to share another culture values/morales with a culture that found what he did as repulsive.

I could not shoot a baboon unless it was attacking a person or something.

I found several references to people of other cultures eating primates, including baboons
Here is an example
'Feeding on baboons common'

Its hard for us to understand other peoples cultures. But, I do not think just because "they" do it means its ok for you to do it as well. Also, if you do, you got to be a idiot to post pictures of an entire family of primates, that you just shot for fun, on Social Media. I get it that where he shot them at, they were probably skinned and ate like we would a deer. That is there culture, not our culture. This guy was really out of touch, I am glad he resigned.
Apr 2013
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Now either provide proof that a Trump killed an entire family of baboons and a giraffe or admit you were posting out of the crack of your ass.
My claim was that some of the Trump family kill for fun, just like the idiot in the OP. I stand by that. Now quit your silly temper tantrum.