If a city was being designed from scratch, what would you like for it to have?

Nov 2017
Suppose someone bought a very large plot of land literally out in the middle of nowhere, where there's nothing but sand, for pennies per acre, and they're planning on creating a city from scratch. This plot of land is a blank slate, where the planners & designers can lay out the roadways, buildings, infrastructure, airports, railroad stations, utility facilities, etc. wherever they want to. Let's also suppose that you were asked what would you want it to have or not have; what would you say?

To put the question into perspective, here are some examples:

Railroad crossings - one thing I would do is arrange for there to be no railroad crossings, by having one or the other on a bridge or through a tunnel under the other. Part of the design optimization for implementing this specification would be to minimize the number of points where railroads and roadways for vehicles intersect, in order to minimize the number of bridges/tunnels that are needed.

Driveways that connect directly to roads with a speed limit greater than 25 MPH - I would arrange for all homes to be in residential areas with their driveways connecting to roads with only a 25 MPH or less speed limit.

No dangerous or risky roadway layouts - for instance, I would arrange roadways so the onramps all have a merge lane with plenty of length before it ends.

No confusing roadway layouts - for instance, no having to navigate through an area like a maze just to get somewhere.

Being able to get from any one point to any other within 45 minutes - at first, with a blank slate, there won't be hardly anyone living there, but as time goes by, and more people move in, there will be more traffic. The prudent thing to do would be to set aside tracks of land that will be designated as future freeways, and make them wide enough for them to be able to expand to accommodate plenty of lanes.

Airports - one of the problems with airports is the noise pollution; the areas that are susceptible to noise pollution can be used for things like farm lands, or industrial purposes, rather than being areas for residents, retail stores, parks/recreational areas, etc.

Eyesores - for example, having telephone poles with cables stretched between them and large transformers mounted on them are not very aesthetic, so I would have underground conduits for running all these cables.
Nov 2017
I only posted this a little over a couple hours ago, but it already has almost 400 views. That seems unusual & I doubt it's likely the result of a software bug. I suppose it's essentially the result of search engine results & if so I wonder if it's possible to find out why specifically it's having this effect. LOL
Dec 2015
I am living in a community (unincorporated town) that was designed from scratch 30 years ago. What do you want to know??
Apr 2013
Left coast
I'd say pre-designed bike lanes. Adding them to existing roadways causes a world of hurt to both drivers and cyclists. And idiot cyclists being on sidewalks should be a capital offense.
May 2018
I'd say pre-designed bike lanes. Adding them to existing roadways causes a world of hurt to both drivers and cyclists. And idiot cyclists being on sidewalks should be a capital offense.
I'd take it one step further- underground bike lanes. And if we can't do that then have then ticketed for running stop signs and lights, just like a car would be.
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Apr 2013
Left coast
A superb public transportation system.

Recycling of everything including human waste.

Truly affordable housing, affordable to buy and to own and operate.

Lots of green space, 1:1 or better.

Community gardens.

Intelligent, civic-minded inhabitants.
You will have to word the bylaw very carefully to establish that last one. :lol::lol::lol:
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Sep 2017
Lots of different restrooms and a no more whining law. With perhaps 10 restrooms per person, pick one and stop complaining.

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