If this is true, why should we let the left take our guns?

Nov 2005
I don't need to tell you that this is the reality of the second amendment "debate".
Instead of talking about reality, the pro-gun lobby always want to talk about their worst fears.

Obama had a Democrat House and Senate.
What did he do with it? He passed healthcare reform.
Did he try for gun legislation changes? NOPE!
But of course, the right were too busy preaching their fear to notice reality.
And the thing that just boggles my mind is how often I hear right-wingers today talk about how awful Obama was for the 2nd amendment... :rolleyes:
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Jul 2018
Surrrrrrrreeeeee. We need a weapon to protect our rights. What do you think the military is for? What do you think the police are for?

Your ignorant Republican ramblings are completely non factual. All rednecks seem to think that the government is coming for them.

Keep believing that.
When have thug cops ever protected anyone's freedom? They are the agents of oppression.
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Dec 2015
Nope. I'm, confident that the left will never mention gun control be it background checks, gun bans, magazine capacity limits, import restrictions, taking guns off the streets, etc., etc.

Y'all can endorse taking criminals off the streets; eliminating the drug culture; limiting drugs so they are the last option, etc. and then we can reform the Republican Party.
AND there we have it, Ladies and Gents. Another unanswered question which will be added to the ever-growing long list. It seems the RW is outraged by all sorts of things that 1) Never happened .... meh...history--it was a long time ago. 2) Will never happen although I refer you to the story of Chicken Little.
Sep 2015
Brown Township, Ohio
AND there we have it, Ladies and Gents. Another unanswered question which will be added to the ever-growing long list. It seems the RW is outraged by all sorts of things that 1) Never happened .... meh...history--it was a long time ago. 2) Will never happen although I refer you to the story of Chicken Little.
I was on a long discussion about the Ginko Tree before I came here. To cut to the chase my Ginko Tree is a stud.
Jul 2018
You first off deflect the point, outlawing one does not outlaw the other. They are very different. If you think you can compare speech and guns then you are not right and the head.
We got rid of confederate flags because they were not representative of "southern heritage" like a redneck would say. They represent black slavery. Racism. The statues of Robert E Lee were representative of how he led the racist confederates, not any acts of heroism.

It's really about what the statues represent, for example, George Washington has statues despite owning slaves. This is because he represents leading the free world, not owning slaves. Kate Smith does not represent anything but those songs with racist lyrics in them. And they were racist. Not like that has anything to do with this discussion but ok. Liberals have never and never will go after the american flag. You sound like a paranoid flat earth conspiracy theorist. You sound so much like a redneck it's hard to believe.

Progressing into a new era where we don't tolerate statues that represent racism and black slavery and singers who write racist songs is not something to scoff at. It's something to embrace. I'm beginning to think you watched too much fox news LTP! Come back to the facts;)
Actually, the American flag was far more racist than the Confederate flag was. Slavery was the law of the land under the American flag for 87 years. And a century of Jim Crow laws existed under the American flag. Tens of thousands of blacks died in Union concentration camps. Those victims never experienced freedom.

Washington didn't lead the free world. He created and led a slave nation that kept people in chains all of their lives. He was such a crook that he rotated his slaves around various places so they he wouldn't have to pay taxes on them.
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Mar 2018
We will never be that because the constitution has nothing in it that allows for dictatorship. With Trump, we are the closest to that we have ever been.

I love how you and your other redneck friends just state impossible illegible futures with literally no evidence that that will EVER be the case. Not a single member of the democratic party endorses socialism. Some lean towards democratic socialism aka better healthcare and less corruption but no one is for socialism.

Too much conspiracies LTP!
Bernie Sanders

No, really dude. I was a teen once looking to find out about politics. I was in the library and read several party platforms. When I read what Jimmy Carter believed, it looked familiar. Retracing my steps, he sounded just like the socialists. What redneck friends do I have? You do know the right hates me as much as you do?

You're both going to the same place. You're just taking different roads to get there.
Mar 2018
Your ignorant confederate eyes failed to see that I did mention Kate Smith, go do some reading redneck.

Since I didn't talk about Elvis because I thought you would make that connection is why I will talk about it now so I can get it through your thick skull.

Elvis and his songs are iconic, we think of Elvis as one of the greatest singers of the 20th century. Kate Smith doesn't represent anything. She is a singer with racist songs. Elvis may have slightly racist tones, but not at the level or severity of Kate Smith nor does it take away from the iconic status he earned at that time.

I never said that the South lived for slavery. I'm saying that the confederate flag represents the slavery of blacks at that time and racism. That is why confederate statues are taken down along with the racist scumbag flags.

I'll give you some more facts redneck. If you want to talk conspiracies and ignorance, don't be surprised when people don't take you seriously. Go back to ignorance and stupidity, you have no place in the world of facts you idiotic gun toting piece of shit.
I think that people with an average or above IQ will judge this (ultimately) on the facts presented. Now, in the state I live in, had you just done what you did to my face, it would be considered "fighting words" and then certain actions would have been justified. The outcome would have disappointed you immensely. I think you know that and you are well insulated by anonymity here. You avoid accountability. So, the real issue is, what kind of individual takes to that many insults without making a point? The facts say you're scared. The facts say there is a level of cowardice on your part that hopes your braggadocio isn't exposed for what it is.
Mar 2018
Acting the fool, if it is an act, is yet another tactic often used by the one short on intellect in an attempt, often one that fails, to ridicule others. Trump has been using left wing tactics, especially that of Alinsky (particularly the one of ridicule), and his mindless followere=s have persisted in doing the same. Then they ridicule "Rules for Radicals never understanding that it is the basis for their argument.

Thren too, your argument that a leftie would be angry about a fanatical rightie using left wing tactics is based on ignorance. A leftie would be proud to know his tacics were so successful that a rightie would feel compelled to use them.

Myself, I don't give a shit one way or the other. The sooner righties, and lefties, destroy one another the sooner decent people can once again control matters, if there is anything left. I just pointed the issue out since I knew you were not intelligent enough to know it, or see it.
My God, a man who has the intellect of Albert Einstein right here on DTT. Why it's such an honor to be in the presence of such a great man that knows everything about every topic on God's green earth. Jesus... what in the Hell brings you to down to a small discussion board to show the world how superior to me? Better still, how do I merit the time of such an omnipotent and infallible pontificator of the truth?

You do realize the right curses me the same way you do, right? Of course you do. You're a freaking God with special powers to know what each of us think personally without even asking. I think it's tremendous that you and the poster that got his boxers in a bunch know so much about everything feel I'm worthy of so much attention.
Mar 2018
AND there we have it, Ladies and Gents. Another unanswered question which will be added to the ever-growing long list. It seems the RW is outraged by all sorts of things that 1) Never happened .... meh...history--it was a long time ago. 2) Will never happen although I refer you to the story of Chicken Little.
You've gone 2 for 2. I have three letters in my board name; you got those wrong. You called me RW, which is neither my initials NOR indicative of the stances I take. It now appears that your credibility is being questioned.

BTW, was your dumb ass got so caught up in your arrogance that you failed to see that I ended up agreeing with you? Nancy Pelosi, Barbra Boxer, Dianne Feinstein, Chuck Schumer, Adam Schiff, or Lucy McBath are actually pro-gunners that would never infringe on your Rights. How stupid can one be!!! You're disagreeing when I agreed with your position.

Yeah, I get your point. Ban a bump stock since it's just a "part" of a firearm, then the flash hider, then the magazine that feeds it. You're right. The only thing that is actually the "firearm" is the hunk of metal bearing the serial number. I got you.
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