If white supremacy were a real issue, it would be because whites were the one's invading to take over many countries

Feb 2019
If I told you why White people are superior, how long do you think it would take for me to get banned for speaking the truth. But like it or not, supremacy doesn't exist. Because for every other creature on earth, it doesn't exist. Don't give me some B.S. definition from some dictionary either. I am telling you real things. Now if you think you are ready to take the red pill, ("The Matrix" reference) I can direct you to it. Just email me at seekify@protonmail@com. Not that I expect you will. Because I made the same offer to others at debate politics. Nobody didn't take me up on it. Why? Because none of you brainwashed cultists really want to know the truth. You just make noises like you do.
No I'm not going to your dumbass email you bigoted nazi fuck. I asked you a question, if white people are superior, why? You failed to state why. You have no truth. You are just a single dumbass floating in a sea of bigots.