if your definition of socialism is the government does shit, and lets face it if your American thats all your attention span will tolerate.. then we a

Sep 2018
cleveland ohio
America Is Already Socialist; Might As Well Bring On The Universal Healthcare A quintessential American narrative on free markets crumbles upon deeper inspection if you think obasma care is socialist or taxes or public schools face it you already live under communism dumb ass. you either need a proper definition. or you need to turn off the computer and live in the woods with the bears
Modern liberals (i.e. Democrats) are not without their detractors. Democrats were not always champions of big government; if anything this transition occurred with FDR (who, contrary to popular belief, was very restrained in expenditure for the New Deal and would likely be classified as a modern-day conservative). This continued up to Lyndon Johnson’s presidency. At this stage, the economy, despite being very close to full employment, continued to receive significant fiscal stimuli (especially spending on the Vietnam War). This, coupled with the global supply shock inflicted by the Arab oil embargo of 1971, resulted in the rampant stagflation of the 70s. Consequently, Keynesian economics was delegitimized and the world entered the Washington Consensus (i.e. market triumphalism). In this laissez-faireatmosphere, proposed ambitious spending on social programs is often a very easy target to ridicule.

One can no longer pretend that universal healthcare cannot be implemented in this country because “socialism doesn’t work for us”. If contemporary Western Europe is your standard for socialism, then the United States is already socialist.
America Is Already Socialist; Might As Well Bring On The Universal Healthcare

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