Illinois declares war on electric vehicles, sorta

May 2019
The bill would hike a number of additional fees, including raising annual license plate registration fees to $148 from $98. Owners of electric vehicles would pay $1,000 a year for registration, a dramatic increase from the current $35 they pay once every two years.
House committee passes bill that would make Illinois gas tax burden highest in the nation

That is a small portion of the entire article. The article mostly deals with the proposed gas tax. The electric vehicle registration fee is what jumped out at me. I do not understand from a liberal point of view, if you want environmentally cleaner cars, such as electric, why would you penalize someone for owning one? I understand Illinois is becoming one of the highest taxation states, lending to its demise. But you would think a very left state like Illinois would not want to do something that would curtail electric cars.


Apr 2013
La La Land North
My guess is that the reasoning behind it is that since they are dinging the gas buying public with increased costs, they are trying to be "fair" by also increasing effectively the tax on electric cars too.

But it is just stupid to me since most governments I know are directly or indirectly trying to encourage EVs.
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