Imaginethat's Modern Monetary Theory Disagreement

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Jul 2010
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No Fayt, when you're proved wrong - "Believe it or not that is imaginethat's argument about how the gold standard should work." WRONG - and then without any acknowledgement of error you just move to the next question, you're assuming I want to be your cat toy. I don't. It's a waste of my time, and yours really.

You tell me. How do endless rounds of creating loans/debt/currency without creating the currency to repay the loans plus interest, so that the interest must be paid with currency created in another round of loans benefit anyone or anything besides the bankers?

How is QE3 anything but the Fed buying the future of all Americans on the installment plan?
And I'm asking you how will going back to having our currency backed by gold going to prevent this. Because the gold standard hasn't prevented economic crashes, in fact it make things worse. I don't think your problems with the Fed is solved by going back to a gold standard, I think you problem lies in just the privatization of currency creation. Nothing more, nothing less.
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