in defense of windmills and lazy pot smoking hookers

Sep 2018
cleveland ohio
Is it all worth it? Do we really want a job?
i MEAN TO WORK 50 HOURS A WEEK and then drop dead?
or is there another way???
This country has the world's shortest work week
At 29 hours, the Netherlands has the shortest work week in the world and a national employment average of 76%, according to an OECD study.With 29-hour work weeks, the Netherlands has the world's shortest week for business professionals, according to an OECD study. As illustrated in a BambooHR infographic, women in the Netherlands typically worked 25 hours a week, and men typically worked 34 hours a week. At 76%, the Netherlands also had a fairly high employment rate.

The highest employment rate is taken by Iceland at 86%, and they have an average 39-hour work week. South Africa has the lowest employment rate, at 43%, and average hours worked are 43 hours per week.

While there didn't seem to be a direct correlation between hours worked per week and employment rate, a long or short work week isn't the only reason employees may be dissatisfied in a job. Other factors like insufficient rewards, toxic culture, lack of control and career growth, poor leadership, and work overload can all impact an employee's desire to stay in a job, according to TechRepublic's Nick Heath.

Infographic: This country has the world's shortest work week i mean which do you want? more free time or more shit you dont need and can never pay for?
i say we go dutch


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