Jul 2019
Tebow got married!

To a woman!

that should put an end to the rumors

she is gorgeous, former Miss Universe

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Sep 2019
Louisville, Ky
When I was younger, back in the day, we had another term for "Incel" garnered from long term research and direct study by multiple female participants from many backgrounds and demographics. The primary source for usable data entailed societal evaluations of many cultures and nationalities in order to sample as large a population as possible.
We called them [email protected]' Ugly but a subset was Fat.
Oct 2019
Ideally, these "freak show" subcultures should be actively destroyed, sadly, they're allowed to "exist" or subsist in their own depravity and beastliness, like feral animals.

I've always found said vermin a curiousity, but as a hopefully morally superior individual, I refuse to taint myself with the disgust of mere association with said freaks, who are "abnormal", not in the sense of someone like an Einstein or a professional athlete, but are rather "abnormal" more akin to a wannabe Jeffery Dahmer or John Wayne Gacy; not the same thing... not at all...

If I had a choice between associating with evil like that, or living the rest of my life as a monastic in a cave, I would do the latter, rather than the former.
Oct 2019
Jerk off - sex dolls, and STFU. Best if you combine all three (TY).


I digress, I don't believe that consuermism should fund and legitimize their aberrant lifestyle, I'd rather simply have them castrated, to be bloody honest.

I don't think those who can't reproduce without resorting to rape, and have no higher level talents or ambitions in life other than "jerking off" deserve society's support, evolutionarily they would be ineffectual, and ironically fetishization of "ugly-lution" seems to correlate more with the Incel and other freak-show subcultures than actual beautiful men and women, who ironically seem much less vested in "evolution" and the hideousness associated with it, at least as far as popular aberrations and misinterpretations goes, to begin with.

Nothing but a plague or blight upon nature's bosom, to be delicately removed, like the petals of decaying flower, one by one by one, until beauty is resorted.

Neither should they be allowed to fester in their own filth, repellence, and hideous pathology, like bacteria or mold festering in a petri-dish, to rightful offense of the better men and women, those with a rather keen immune system, known rightfully when and why to be offended, lest they be taken by such infectuousness. Unworthy of life, is such a specimin, taking said very thing for granted, polluting, deflowering, infesting our otherwise beautiful and untainted world...

Nothing but a bit of the abyss, to be briefly stared into out of morbid curiousity, but only for a moment, lest such abyssal thought and infectious taint one's otherwise keen sense thereof.

To be a beautiful member of one's kind, in world otherwise tainted by ugliness, hideousness, and repellance, like a delicate lotus bud amongst the mould and decay, why live at all, except to be a blinding light emersed in a sea of dark? Now, perhaps, a bit of beauty sleep?
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