Internal Mueller documents show Trump campaign chief pushed unproven theory Ukraine hacked Democrats

Jul 2019
There are several theories surrounding Putin's hold over Trump but there also facts to consider. Since Trump took office he has had at least 16 phone conversations with Vladdy. We also know that Trump has had private conversations with other Russian officials. We know that after Trump's meeting with Putin (G-20) (2 hours long) Trump took the unusual step of taking notes from his own interpreter after the meeting and instructing the employee not to discuss the details of the meeting. We know that in other meetings Trump insisted NO American interpreter be allowed to attend.
We know that Trump has repeatedly defended Putin and even went so far as to "believe" Putin over our intelligence agencies because Putin made an “extremely strong and powerful” denial.
We know that Trump (and Putin) have JOKED about Russia's interference in our 2016 election.
We know that Flynn, Gates and Manafort are liars of the highest degree, but can't compare to our sitting president.

So here are my questions: Who benefits from all this? Who benefits from withdrawing troops from Syria? Who benefits from Trump accusing our intel agencies of treason? Who benefits from Trump's insults to our allies? Who benefits from canceling the Iran deal? Who benefits from threatening NATO? UN? Who benefits from our government's chaos? This illegitimate president? AND who benefits from changing the GOP platform concerning Ukraine? Putin.
Putin, Putin, Putin, Putin, Putin & Putin

and we now know trump also has a line to Putin through Giuliani/Toensing/DiG/Firtash

Firtash > Mogilevich > Putin


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What we don't know for sure is just how indebted Trump is to the Russian mob.

Those tax returns are being hidden for a reason.
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