Iran General taken out

Dec 2016
there are also trump flags, apparently they're popular on boats

for when you're boating and want to show off your ignorance, I guess

My first thoughts were that in the near future, this is wealthy, mostly retired, Republican policymakers who are waiting for the day when the shit really hits the fan and they escape from the degraded and failed American continent and fan out across the Caribbean and South Seas looking for new lands to conquer and settle in before they're all dead!
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Dec 2016
So much for secret strategy.
Has anyone ever pondered the fact that AFTER Trump leaves office how much damage he could do if he decided to "SHARE" his presidential info with the world via Twitter or interviews?
I don't know about you, but that's a scary thought. Not only would he be willing to put OUR national security at risk, but he would GLADLY endanger countries like Canada, Mexico, and others who weren't kissing his very large ass.
Yes it's pretty bad! But what's worse is that he is only getting his knuckles rapped for saying the quiet parts out loud! Almost everything in Trump's geopolitical strategy was right there from Bush through Obama.

As I tried to show a week ago, the War on Syria is one giant war crime only being reported on the fringes of western news media...the OPCW scandal and four Wikileaks revelations of documents shows that the last two and likely the first two poison gas attacks used to justify bombings and proxy invasions of Syrian territory were carried out as false flag attacks, motivated by the need to justify attacks and foreign invasion. According to the same international law standards being dusted off in the wake of Trump's assassination of an Iranian general and Iraqi commander, the greatest war crime is aggressive warfare with no defensive justifications. That's why Fat Mike has to keep getting up on stage and declaring that Iran was planning attacks......but any evidence for this is all top secret of course!

So, any and all damage from these regime change ops and meddling in foreign countries where no Americans speak the language or know the local culture or politics, was coming anyway, cause no American leaders up till now have been able or willing to stand in the way of the powerful and wealthy interests who profit from genocidal proxy wars fought over there!
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Jul 2019
Oil prices on the rise, but hey, look at those defense stocks!

Elizabeth Warren calling out what most suspected, there was a sharp rise in defense stocks (especially Lockheed/Grumman)before the strike. Many reports that trump leaked to his Mar-A-Lago buddies.

Letter to the SEC

Sep 2019
The killing of Soleimani was a great move by Trump. This guy, who was put at the top of the terrorist most wanted list by obama, The same list as osama, was finally taken out. Now it seems that the impotence and incompetence in Irans reaction that took down that airliner has the iranian people calling for regime change....

Think about that, Trumps shot at soleimani may be the equivalent to our "shot heard around the world" for Iran.