Is a body inside your body...your body?

Feb 2019
here and there
I've asked Progressives to define the unborn as parasites to justify ending their lives but they refuse.

Yet they still favor abortion

That should tell us all something about who they are.
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Dec 2018
Unionville Indiana
Here's a question that the anti-choice crowd runs away from every time:

If zygotes, embyros and fetuses are human beings with equal protection under law, how would they equip the police and the courts to enforce the expanded murder statutes for suspicious miscarriages?

The answer is the establishment an intrusive police state where women would be required to submit to physical & pelvic examinations or blood tests during the course of murder investigations. No wonder they run from the question.
Jul 2014
If a woman gets raped and murdered, should that "another body" be ANY OF MY CONCERN WHATSOEVER?
Because raping and murdering a woman isn't a serious enough crime?
We were gonna give the guy six months, but then we found out she was life without parole.

I would say the presence of a fetus in a murdered woman should be completely irrelevant.
Murdering a woman should be serious enough.