Is a body inside your body...your body?

Jul 2019
That actually makes me think of an interesting thought experiment as a way to look at this. Suppose there are two individuals in your house, with your consent & one's a male and the other's a female; they proceed to engage in coitus, and as a result there is the union of a sperm cell with an egg which has spawned into a new life form. Is this new life form that spawned without your consent trespassing? Suppose you're renting your house to this couple for at least a year; your agreement is 2 people & after 9 months the 2 people turned into 3 people - what about that?

I agree that someone who's trespassing is culpable to being evicted; does that mean you can evict them by ripping their bodies apart into pieces and removing them in separated body parts?
WTF... seriously?? that's what you consider reasonable? there are no OTHER ways to deal with that situation rather than full on assault and murder huh??
Dec 2018
I've asked Progressives to define the unborn as parasites to justify ending their lives but they refuse.

Yet they still favor abortion

That should tell us all something about who they are.
the question of abortion is if destroying a life that has not 'breathed' in 'air', exhaled air, has 'breath', if the word 'killing' would be appropriate.

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