Is Anti-Racism Immoral?

Dec 2018
My opinion on what immoral is is to allow for immorality to continue eating up lives.

If I need to examine my ideas of what I might want for my little sister or little brother who might be 'lacking' in certain areas of mental abilities as to what I would allow to be brought into the home for them to 'share/partake' with/in, then I might be overly self pursuing in a world that could fill my own immoral desires and wants.

Overlooking my little sister's or little brother's needs for my own 'work/career/occupation', could be 'immoral' in a way.

The same could be applied to an 'aged' parent needing their child's help.

And this is why The Holy Bible says to 'train up your child while he/she is still young'... so that when they are older, or at the age of majority or at the age of leaving the home, they would have had enough taught to them to not have the parents be overly worried or concerned.

Most parents do not enjoy seeing their child 'fail' in life. I say most but I'm probably wrong by using that term. There are alot of parents who do not care too much all around the Globe.

Take a look at Thailand's sex trade. Are all those youths Thai runaways? Or might some of them go back to their 'homes' after their 'work' is over and their parents are 'fine' with it?

It all depends on where you live, what the social acceptances are and how they 'deal' with things that do actually cause trouble in the homes of the families while under their Government structures of rules and allowances. The other 'problem' with this is if the 'youth' wants another sort of life to which they are deprived of or willingly/forcingly/intentionally, kept away from. Such as those who are in the sex trade industry but desire to get out of that line of work to move on to which they are not granted permission.
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