is it a mental illness?

May 2018
Doctors Pushed Her to Get Sex Reassignment Surgery. Now, She Knows It Was a Mistake. I would urge everyone religiously or dogmatically devoted to some dogma on this issue to try to be objective, because a lot of people who think they are transgender? they are just nuts, and they need help not surgery we are making a bad situatation worse
At the risk of offending some folks I feel that anybody who undergoes sexual reassignment surgery has a mental disorder. I think someone has to be profoundly mentally disturbed to want to do such a traumatic thing to their own body, going from male to female or vice versa (and not even REAL male or female - the genitals are no longer functional). That being my opinion, I still think we should treat trans folks like human beings, with decency, warmth, and compassion. Just because somebody is a little messed up in the head doesn't mean they don't bring something valuable to the table or that they have less inherent worth as human beings. Regarding sexual reassignment surgery, if they can afford it then by all means let them do it. I can't see making taxpayers pay for the operation, however.

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