is it illegal to predict some one might break the law?

Sep 2018
cleveland ohio
I in know way advocate violence against the president, enough people hate him, it would not take much to push some unstable people over the edge, everyone either loves or hates trump there is no middle ground, my sincere wish is that they arrest his daughter stick her in the general population , and watch trump squirm, shes dirty his whole family is that are going to jail, ad he will make a deal, if he resigns he face no jail time, fine with me, i just want him gone, but to speculate that if he doesnt go , and goes unpunished for his crimes, is it a crime to predict or to surmise that someone , might take matters into their own hands? again i must effatically state it is in no way my wish people get a snier rifl and blow trumps brains out.. that would only bring sympathy to his cause.. but there is the possiblity some lunatic might snap and take him out.. is it a violation of the law to speculate on that possiblity? i think not

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