Is it possible to be for border security and oppose the wall

Sep 2018
cleveland ohio
The arguments made here are very tiresome, all around, they usually fall into one logical fallacy or another, and most just amount to name calling, or citing some cherry picked examples not representative of the whole story in question, or anecdotes , anecdotes don't prove anything . Another very common and terribly tiresome and quite frankly pathetic attempt commonly made is to create a straw man argument, simply that for example, if you don't want a wall, if you don't support some Berlin style wall on the border like the communists or the Israelis put up to create prisons for either their own people or a captive population , you support an open border, is this true? There are more effective ways to secure the border, are there not and and illegal immigration is trending down and has been for ten years, how is this not all hysteria, how is this not a manufactured and totally fraudulent crisis?