Is Poverty in Black America More the Product of Racism or Culture?

Dec 2018
New England
As I mentioned, exceptions do not disprove the rule. Some smokers live to 90 or more. Some people have resistance to HIV infections.

George Washington Carver, W.E.B Debois, Langston Hughes, Paul Robeson, Shirley Chishom, Richard Wright etc all confronted racism and achieved some success. So what?

A forest fire does not burn every tree. Racism persists in spite of outliers. As long as racial population differences demonstrate unequal success and opportunity in society, racism persists.... unless you have some evidence of genetic inferiority of those with increased melanin in their skin.

Finding non-racial excuses for race population differences is only a rationalization of the status quo and often is part of a grand political ideology that includes implied racial superiority.
You are a prisoner of your own dogma, Biff.
Nov 2018
Inner Space
You are a prisoner of your own dogma, Biff.
Actually, I am not locked into a self-serving rationalization that indulges my misconceptions of reality, as you seem to be.
You have "no data" to explain the racial differences in America. You have data that describe what some poor black people do, but that does not address the cause of the underlying racial inequality. A description of some people who make (in your opinion) bad choices is NOT an explanation for the underlying problems caused by their skin color.

However, since your mistaken ideas about society, motivation, and success hinge upon maintaining the illusion, you simply cannot afford to view the issue differently.