Isis and al-Qaeda agree 'to end fighting and join against their opponents'

Dec 2018
Isis and al-Qaeda agree 'to end fighting and join against their

Militant leaders from the Isis and al-Qaeda terrorist groups have agreed to stop fighting each other in order to join against their opponents.

So, tell me. If al-Qaeda and Isis are planning on joining one another to 'fight' against their opponents, where do persons such as Mr. Sayyid Ali Hosseini Khamenei stand on this issue? Is he and are not the others like himself themselves Muslims also?
Dec 2018
So obviously the news tidbits coming out of ABC news and other news affiliates that suggests that al Qaeda and Isis are calling upon ALL Muslims to join in the(ir) efforts to 'join' together to 'fight' against the(ir) opponents is clearly misleading and incorrect but which causes unnecessary leeriness towards ALL Muslims.

Without proper knowledge of what ALL means the world might have begun thinking and assuming that the Leaders of ALL Islamic Nations and States were also together on the mission against 'the opponents'; what ever that might have meant. But thanks be to God that such misunderstandings do not need to insinuate such wrongful ideas of ALL Muslims.

If anything, these Muslims or sects of Muslims should try to work against their opponents from within the places and Countries they need to live under/with already rather than trying to enter into others' places/Countries to try to have a result that they are unwilling to do within the places/Countries they are already within. Working to clean out the personal backyard before trying to clean out anothers' backyard is probably most beneficial to both parties.

The world has heard of Christian 'cults', why would it be, why should it be so difficult to think that Islam would also have 'cults' within their 'religion'?

Do we really believe or are we supposed to believe that the second most adherented Religion in the World, (Islam), is ALL about al-Qaeda and/or Isi.l? We would prove ourselves unlearned and without knowledge if we did.
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Dec 2018
And hence the very important necessity of proper telecommunication(s) and relays of 'information' to general masses via Main Stream Media(ed) news and other sources where persons place trust and somewhat 'reliance' upon/within.

Christian Churches are also the same. When members enter into these Churches to receive proper 'information', if they are not given the proper/correct information, the listeners might become twice a son of Gehenna than they were before entering into that church. And so hence, the importance of keeping others away and out of Gehenna; the reason why the members 'came' in the first place.

So the question:

If you were to place 'trust/reliance' on Islamic 'truths' of and from The Holy Qur'an, from whom would you receive such 'information(s)'? From 'ordained' leaders such as Mr. Sayyid Ali Hosseini Khamenei or from local Imams of certain provincial(ed) districts of larger Communities and States and Nations?

I mean, is this person not known as Imam?

Zara Mohamed Abdulmajid (Somali: Zara Maxamed Cabdulmajiid; 25 July 1955[2]), mononymously known as Iman, is a Somali fashion model, actress and entrepreneur. She is noted for her philanthropic work. She is the widow of English rock musician David Bowie, whom she married in 1992.

Iman (model) - Wikipedia

Sorry, typo. She is known as Iman, not Imam.

I would highly have to doubt that Ms. Zara Mohamed Abdulmajid is a proponent of any (kind of) false Islamic teaching towards the Word of God as written and prescribed in The Holy Qur'an.


The Word of God and The Word of The LORD. What is/are the difference(s)?

Although both God and The LORD are both in Unity, as in One, what is/are the differences?

God is God and The LORD is The LORD.
God is not The LORD and The LORD is not God.

I cannot call a cat a zebra nor can I call a zebra a cat.
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Dec 2018

Oak Tree.

Pine Tree.

Both are trees but one is Oak and the other is Pine.

The name Jehovah is not YHWH nor is YHWH Jehovah.

And the Name Yehoshua is not Jesus nor the name Jesus Yehoshua.

Let's put it this way... If your mom and dad gave you the name Bill upon your birth but I changed your name to Bob, would you appreciate being called by a name that was not given to you by your parents if you yourself did not make that 'legal' Name change yourself?

So are you actually seeking a place where you can go and bring offerings and tithes even though what they 'teach' is not True to the Persons being 'respected'?

Nicknames is/are NOT the same as Formal names.

It might be better to address a real Person by a Formal True Title rather than by a non Formal, non True, nickname.

So are ALL Muslims being called to 'join' in on al-Qaeda and Isi.L on their 'fight' against the(ir) opponents?
The word/term Muslim is a True, Formal Title just as the word/term Imam and/or Preacher/Pastor is/are True, Formal Titles. And just as there are false Muslims, Preachers and Pastors there is also false Names; such as JHVH and JSUS.

And so the question:

If the name IESUS was changed to JESUS why did not all names starting with I, such as Ivan, also change? Why not Ivan to Jvan? Or Ian to Jan?

The Name of Christ does not begin from the 1600's. It was before the 1000's. And go figure. Even Martin Luther, the 'father' of Protestantism knew not the name, Jesus.

If the Greek Iesous is pronounced as ee-soos, could the English IESUS have been pronounced as I ee-soos; as in eye-ee-soos?

Obviously because of the 'break' from the Catholic Church and with the Independent Church of England having full rights over Scripture, a break in tradition and formality was also brought forth.

And this is also evident in the 'break' of the Separatists from the Crown of Britain upon the Declaration of independence/Separation.

And the 'breaks' of family members are as the same. Resulting in breaks of tradition(s) and formalities.

Ephesians 6:2
"Honour thy father and mother; (which is the first commandment with promise; )


Piece (gun)

While “peace” and “piece” are homophones (words that share the same sound), they are completely unrelated in origin. “Peace” first appeared in English in the 12th century, drawn from the Old French “pais,” which in turn came from the Latin “pax” meaning “absence of war or conflict.”

Piece (gun) « The Word Detective

A break from tradition and formality. Peace to piece.

A harmless language 'translation' or interpretation?
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Dec 2018
Honestly... Does the word 'Jihad' really mean 'holy' war?

  • The arabic word for war is: "al-harb".

So from where or how did the word 'jihad' come to mean holy 'al-harb'?

  • The Arabic word "jihad" is often translated as "holy war," but in a purely linguistic sense, the word " jihad" means struggling or striving.

Jihad: A Misunderstood Concept from Islam - What Jihad is, and is not

Islamic Supreme Council of America

Of America? Really?

List of countries in the Americas by population

55 in number.

List of countries in the Americas by population - Wikipedia
Dec 2018
Not to push dirt on dirt piles but since we're on the topic of language and language(s) with meanings and Truths, what is this?

Pictures Of Anus

The anal canal is the terminal part of the large intestine.[1] It is situated between the rectum and anus,[2] below the level of the pelvic diaphragm. In humans it is approximately 2.5 to 4 cm (0.98-1.58 in) long.

Anal canal - Wikipedia

2.5 - 4 cm = 0.984251968503937 - 1.574803149606299 inches.

Is it really 'anal' sex?

15-17 cm....

5.905511811023622 - 6.692913385826771 inches.

7 in = 17.8 cm
8 in = 20.3 cm
9 in = 22.9 cm

Why is it being taught as 'anal' sex in most industries including Physicians' and Schools?

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Dec 2018
So basically, it might NOT be the Imams nor the 'groups', per se, but how they are being portrayed to the general masses via 'trustworthy' sources.

Does God really 'hate' fags?

Romans 9:13 "As it is written, Jacob have I loved, but Esau have I hated."

Would someone like to clarify what the word 'hate' means in this verse?

3404. miseó

Matthew 5:44 " But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you;"

3404. miseó
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