Islamic Government(s)

Dec 2018
Governments which use the Holy Qur'an for its basis of law and order along with other 'rules' pertaining to its Country.

Although it is reported that men of Islam are more 'devout' than not, it is surprising to see the increasing of 'Middle Eastern pornography' with both the males and females being the film, the pornography video, 'actors/subjects' being filmed and probably being paid for performing 'sexual activity(ies)'.
Dec 2018
I personally do not agree with calling myself 'devout' and openly doing contrarily. I prefer honesty over 'hiding' especially to The LORD God (J)esus Christ.

Is it possible that these 'Islamic' Countries have small or large 'underground' activity occurring in the midst of everyday 'life'?

Why is this a concern to a non Islamic Country 'resident'? Maybe because of how these 'foreigner' based pornographies are readily viewable on the computer screens of any U.S teen or young person who might view pornography online, not to mention 'adults', also.

And it is for this reason that i question the claim(s) which might be made that being a citizen and resident of an Islamic Country is usually associated with 'devoutness' towards God.

These pornography actors and actresses are breaking the 'stereotype(s)' of being of an Islamic State or Nation. Being a Country or Nation but not claiming itself to adhere to Islamic codes within Government is not necessarily the same as the Islamic States and Nation which do claim the Holy Qur'an as a very integral and personal part of its Government.

It is important to remember the words of Christ (J)esus when He said that the 'world' hated Him without cause and that for a person(s) to be of Him and God, many will also 'hate' without cause. And this is being proven truer than not.

The 'world' will love its own but not any other....especially if their ideas are contaray to their own ideas of 'freedom' and self rights.

From here a person can see where in history persons were given the liberty rights which alot of persons on Earth live within and/or fighting for to receive in more abundance of today. And looking back in history, it was relatively in the very near past that the majority of persons lived with such personal freedoms and liberties while under any ordered and structured form of Government.

And even with those older Governments which did extend personal liberties in abundance, there were laws of punishment(s) that were upheld for breaking certain 'parameters' of those personal liberties.

'crime' was not too highly looked upon in and under any Government.

It could be for this reason that each Country/State/Nation has a 'preference' to Government 'styles'. So that the rules and laws which they prefer to be within those 'lands' can be upheld and be just, as far as 'punishments for crime(s)', are concerned.

It is very difficult to be able to see any other Country's uprightness if the person is living under a 'no law' kind of enforcings to its own policies and Establishments. But this should not make that person to begin believing that every other Country is just as 'unlawful'.
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Apr 2019
I don't understand david's message but Islam is an ideology masked as a religion. Mosque and state cannot be separated. Sharia must rule.

The Koran spends 60% of verses on how to treat non-Muslims. I would call that political.

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