Jeffrey Epstein’s Long-Time Banker Found Dead From Hanging, Immediately Ruled a ‘Suicide’

Mar 2013
Middle Tennessee
UUUhhhhh This is THE SAME BANKER that signed off on millions in loans to TRUMP !!!! Ironic NO ?? This was reported seven days ago and the supposedly "biased against Trump media" did not pick it up until he was connected to Epstein.

A former Deutsche Bank executive who reportedly signed off on some of the institution’s unorthodox loans to Donald Trump killed himself in his Malibu home on November 19. Thomas Bowers, the onetime head of Deutsche Bank’s American wealth-management division, where he oversaw Trump’s private banker, committed suicide by hanging, according to Los Angeles County Medical Examiner-Coroner’s office. Bowers was 55.
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Jun 2018
South Dakota
Put another notch in the Klintons gun. Wild Willys close association with Epstein is enough to shift the spotlight to them.
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Feb 2007
Put another notch in the Klintons gun. Wild Willys close association with Epstein is enough to shift the spotlight to them.
Regarding your first sentence above, isn't it nice to have and to hold onto mere unsubstantiated personal beliefs?


(By the way, I hear the other day that the Clinton's killed the Wolfman, Bigfoot, and the Lochness Monster as well. But, maybe that, too, is just a pure guess, and nothing more...)
Mar 2013
Middle Tennessee
You people are hilarious. This man had a direct relationship with Trump. He made millions, possibly many millions, of dollars in loans to Trump. He may have had insight and information on Trump's financial dealings. But that's no concern.

But he has some connection to Epstein and the Clinton's did it ?????? LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL :zany::zany::zany::zany::zany::zany::zany::zany::zany::zany::zany::zany::zany::zany:
Jul 2019
Sorry but the trump connections
Usual suspects?
The usual suspects are as follows

Donald trump
Bill Barr
Jeffrey Epstein
Prince Andrew

Donald trump denied ever knowing Prince Andrew the other day. That's not suspicious

Bill Barr's dad gave Epstein his first job, which he was unqualified for, and there were reports of him harassing younger women. Bill Barr also ran the DOJ prison and oversaw the investigation into him when Epstein didn't kill himself

Donald trump was sued by a woman who said he raped her when she was 13. Do you have a reason Donald trump hasn't sued her for defamation? I do. Because it actually happened. You don't sue someone for defamation when you know it's the truth.

Epstein was hanging out with MBS on election night in Riyadh. The same MBS that trump let get away with sanction a bone-saw murder of a Journalist.

Dershowitz is the biggest trumper on the planet all of a sudden. You know why? Think about it

Don't give me that "clinton did it" bullshit because trump has way way way way more connections to epstein, and epstein died on trump/barr's watch
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