Jeffrey Epstein arrested on sex trafficking charges


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Apr 2013
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I bet all of a sudden there are a whole bunch of rich guys with very puckered up anuses.

Jeffrey Epstein, a wealthy financier long accused of molesting minors, has been charged by federal prosecutors in New York with sex trafficking, several media outlets report, citing law enforcement officials with knowledge of the matter.

The big picture: The U.S. attorney’s office in Manhattan brought the charges against Epstein, according to the New York Times. Epstein has been accused of paying dozens of underage girls for sexual massages in Florida. After reaching a plea deal, he was convicted in 2008 of soliciting a girl who was aged 16 when the offenses began.
Jeffrey Epstein arrested on sex trafficking charges: Reports
Nov 2005
Why it matters:
The Miami Herald reported in November allegations concerning the plea deal between federal prosecutors and Epstein in which he averted federal prosecution for his participation in an international sex operation.
  • In February, a judge ruled the prosecutors had broken the law in reaching the deal. One of those prosecutors was Alexander Acosta — now President Trump's Labor secretary.
Jeffrey Epstein charged with federal sex trafficking crimes involving minors

I wonder if Acosta's history with helping out rich sex-crime criminals was a plus for Trump in picking Acosta for this position...
Nov 2005
Jesus. Naturally, Trump defends Acosta's obviously bad involvement...
Trump defends embattled Acosta, says he had a 'falling out' with Jeffrey Epstein 'a long time ago'
Acosta, who was the U.S. attorney for the Southern District of Florida at the time of the original Epstein criminal case, has faced calls from Democrats to resign his Cabinet post following the latest Epstein charges. But Trump praised Acosta on Tuesday for his job performance.

"He's been just an excellent secretary of labor," Trump said, before suggesting that multiple officials, in addition to Acosta, were responsible for how the 2008 case turned out — and that they probably "would wish they'd maybe done it a different way."

Trump added that he felt “very badly” for Acosta.​

Oh yes.
Acosta is the one people should feel badly for in all this...
Jul 2018
I still want to know who the parents were that pimped out their kids and what they got in return. Since Trump, Clinton, and Acosta were pals of Epstein maybe they pimped out their kids to him. We know they lack morals and are well-known liars. If the cops come across evidence linking them in that way would the cops toss it or would they reveal it?