Jeffrey Epstein documents unsealed!

Dec 2016
Barr's dad gave Epstein his first job, which he was grossly unqualified for. He didn't even have a college degree.There are credible reports of him being an inappropriate creep while he worked there.

Jeffrey Epstein Taught at Dalton. His Behavior Was Noticed.

(this is unrelated to the docu-dump, but just wanted to post it in case people were unaware)
The most important aspect of a William Barr family connection with Epstein and the multitude of rich and powerful sexual offenders who willfully engaged in child trafficking (incl across international borders) is that AG- Barr has full control of the investigation and release of documents. I would expect nothing further than selectively leaked releases of political enemies with Epstein and girls forced into sex slavery against their will. I'm sure there will be a steady drip, drip of pictures with Clinton and not Trump, and absolutely no revelations on Epstein's handler - Les Wexnar (Victoria's Secret et al) or any other big, rich and powerful miscreants in America and around the world!