Joe Biden lashes out at protesters, telling one 'you listen to Bernie too much' and another to 'vote for Trump'

Feb 2006
  • Former Vice President Joe Biden told an immigration activist who was questioning him on the Obama administration's record that he should "vote for Trump."
  • At a campaign event in South Carolina on Thursday, Biden also rebuked an audience member who urged him not to accept money from corporations.
  • "I do not take money from corporations," Biden said in response. "You listen to Bernie too much.
Former Vice President Joe Biden lost his patience with protesters at a campaign event in Greenwood, South Carolina, on Thursday.

One of the protesters, identified by The New York Times as the immigration rights activist Carlos Rojas, confronted Biden about the mass deportations that occurred under the Obama administration.

Biden was asked if he would commit to putting a moratorium on all deportations in his first day as president. The former vice president, who is at the top of national polls among 2020 Democratic hopefuls, replied: "No. I will not stop all deportations. I will prioritize deportations only of people who have committed a felony or a serious crime, No. 1."

As Rojas pressed Biden on immigration, and referenced related statistics from the Obama era, Biden lashed out at him and said: "You should vote for Trump."

Rojas replied: "No, no ... I'm not going to do that."

Jul 2019
If Biden is this thin skinned, he’s not much better than Trump.
he's still much better than trump IMO, but yes, after 3 years of trump's constant snowflakism and victimhood mentality, I don't want any more of that

"old man yells at cloud, part 2" is not appealing
Sep 2019
Marietta GA USA - Russia
Joe Biden munches wife Jill's finger at Iowa campaign stop

And they laughed at old man Brezhnev...