Journalist who mocked Trump supporters in fabricated story admits: ‘I’m sick’

Mar 2018
The first step to freeing oneself of TDS is admitting that you need help. You know who you are out there in DTT World, follow this man's lead, at least for the sake of your families if not your own.

German magazine Der Spiegel has fired one of its top journalists after it discovered he had fabricated more than a dozen stories in recent years, including an article about Trump supporters in a small Minnesota town.
"I'm sick and I need to get help,” Claas Relotius, who was CNN International's Journalist of the Year, told Der Spiegel. The fabrications were discovered after a colleague working with Relotius on a story about the U.S.-Mexico border raised suspicions about his reporting.
One of the made up stories, “ In a small town,” was billed as "a month with the people who pray for Trump on Sundays" and described Fergus Falls, Minnesota, as a typical rural town that helped propel President Trump to the White House in 2016 - though he just fell short in Minnesota.
Der Spiegel listed other fabrications made in the article, such a welcome sign for the town that said, “Mexicans Keep Out,” that never existed.
“He invented grotesque lies and reported, for example, that the students at the John F. Kennedy high school drew their role models for the American dream as follows: ‘They did not draw a single picture of a woman,’ Relotius wrote. ‘One class drew Barack Obama, two drew John D. Rockefeller. Most of them drew Donald Trump.’ All of this is pure fiction. Every single bit is concocted bunk,” the magazine said.
Relotius, who was hired by Der Speigel in 2011, received several awards from CNN for his work. The company said it is stripping Relotius of those awards. He wrote about 60 articles for the magazine and website before he was fired this week.
May 2018
Ya know, just for fun- I'm gonna throw whataboutism in your face.

How many false things did the right wing media in this country publish about Obama? And just just him, but his family as well?

Let's just see, shall we?

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