Judge dismisses case against Blackwater defendant

Feb 2006
A federal judge on Wednesday dismissed criminal charges against a former Blackwater security guard whose actions allegedly triggered the shootings of dozens of Iraqi citizens at a traffic circle in Baghdad nearly seven years ago.

U.S. District Judge Royce Lamberth dismissed the indictment against Nicholas Slatten after a federal appeals court said the statute of limitations had lapsed before the government filed the charges against Slatten last October. The statute of limitations restricts the time in which legal proceedings may be brought.

The government's lead prosecutor, Anthony Asuncion, said prosecutors might seek to bring new charges against Slatten that could become part of the scheduled June 11 trial of the other three Blackwater guards in the case. A number of federal crimes do not carry a statute of limitations, including murder.

Judge Dismisses Case Against Blackwater Defendant - ABC News


"Operation Iraqi Liberation" (OIL)

It's not an urban legend. In the opening days of the Iraq War, President Bush's Press Secretary Ari Fleischer uses the name "Operation Iraqi Liberation" (OIL) as the name of the Iraq war.

When it was pointed out the acronym spelled out "OIL", the mission name was quickly changed to "Operation Iraqi Freedom"

Myth-busting: Fleischer referring to "Operation Iraqi Liberation" (OIL) - YouTube
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