Julian Assange Suggests Murdered DNC Staffer Seth Rich, Was Source for WikiLeaks Re

Dec 2013
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As Hillary Clinton’s campaign progresses, so does the trail of bodies left in her wake. And now, according to WikiLeaks, we are finding out that a murder last month of DNC staffer, Seth Rich is also tied to Hillary Clinton.

The murder of Seth Rich happened at 4 a.m. as he walked home. Dubiously enough, his death was written off as a robbery — in spite of the fact that the alleged robbers took nothing from him.

After his murder, Rich’s father Joel told reporters, “If it was a robbery — it failed because he still has his watch, he still has his money — he still has his credit cards, still had his phone so it was a wasted effort except we lost a life.”

When WikiLeaks published thousands of DNC emails shortly before the Democratic Convention, which ultimately forced the resignation of four top officials, the Clinton campaign immediately blamed the Russians and proceeded to smear WikiLeaks as a Kremlin operation.

However, on Tuesday, WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange dropped a bombshell and suggested Rich was the WikiLeaks source.

Coincidentally, as reported by the Underground Reporter, Seth Rich was also slated to testify in a Clinton investigation. According to the Washington Post, prior to his death Rich was looking into several instances of DNC electoral fraud and voter suppression, and was to give testimony in the case regarding Clinton’s email server — the very scandal kicked off by the Wikileaks data dump.

Read more at WATCH: Julian Assange Suggests Murdered DNC Staffer Seth Rich, Was Source for WikiLeaks

WATCH: Julian Assange Suggests Murdered DNC Staffer Seth Rich, Was Source for WikiLeaks
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Dec 2013
Beware of watermelons
After announcing that WikiLeaks would pay $20,000 for information leading to the conviction of Rich’s murderer, Assange went on an interview with Nieuwsurr. During the interview, Assange implied that Rich was his source.
Assange: Whistleblowers go to significant efforts to get us material and often significant risks. There was a 27-year old that works for the DNC who was shot in the back… murdered.. for unknown reasons as he was walking down the street in Washington.

Host: That was just a robbery wasn’t it?

Assange: No. There’s no finding.
Host: What are you suggesting?

Assange: I am suggesting that our sources take risks and they become concerned to see things occurring like that.

Host: But was he one of your sources, then?

Assange: We don’t comment on who our sources are.

Host: But why make the suggestion?

Assange: Because we have to understand how high the stakes are in the United States and that our sources face serious risks… that’s why they come to us so we can protect their anonymity.

Host: But it’s quite something to suggest a murder… that’s basically what you’re doing.

Read more at WATCH: Julian Assange Suggests Murdered DNC Staffer Seth Rich, Was Source for WikiLeaks

WATCH: Julian Assange Suggests Murdered DNC Staffer Seth Rich, Was Source for WikiLeaks
Dec 2013
Beware of watermelons

just as it was pointed out that more pointed to Guccifer 2.0 was behind the hacks, but hey "the Russians! the Russians!" sounds much better and sells more guns.

the second part of the leaks was released yesterday. funny the Hillary camp is in hiding and using a fake investigation into a trump foundation as a weak attempt at distraction.

all the it has. they cannot focus on clinton herself. that would be detrimental.
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May 2017
Heard a clip from October 2016, when Mr. Trump was on the Savage Nation. Savage predicted that if Trump wins the election that the Clinton's, the Democrats, and the MSM will blame Hillary's loss on Russia.

What was that question the snarky reporter asked Trump in one of the debates?
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Dec 2015

Law enforcement officials have said that Rich’s computer and email activity have been examined and suggest nothing that would connect him to WikiLeaks. Rich’s parents reiterated that point in their op-ed, writing that — as a data analyst — their son never had access to exclusive campaign communication.

“Seth’s job was to develop analytical models to encourage voters to turn out to vote. He didn’t have access to DNC emails, Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee emails, John Podesta’s emails or Hillary Clinton’s emails,” they wrote. “That simply wasn’t his job.”

Anyone who would take Julian Assange seriously is an idiot. Assange is a creepy, dangerous egotist and an epic liar, who toys with people's lives.
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Dec 2018
The right has bought into a lot of particularly disgusting, but this was about as bad as it got.

Simply gross

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