Julian Assange...

Nov 2012
Gamma Solaris
He's still holed up in London...in the Ecuadorian Embassy. But he's trying to wheedle his way back to Australia by running for a Senate seat. He founded the "Wikileaks Party" who espouse transparency in government. So far? Ten members...

What bothers me is the "transparency in government" claim. Much of what he released after necromancing it from that poor kid in the US military...was redacted...by Mr Assange. So? Isn't that what he was against in the first place? Who appointed HIM as Secretary of State and arbiter of the truth? He's not even an Amerikan...
Nov 2012
Lebanon, TN
He also released a document that proved Bush did not lie about WMDs in Iraq

Hans Blix's 1/27/2003 report to the Security counsel.