Just like that, the left begins to support the Chinese government

Aug 2018
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^ May I suggest you re-read them?

*Look for the meaningless overused Democrat buzzwords.
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Dec 2015
^ May I suggest you re-read them?

*Look for the meaningless overused Democrat buzzwords.

They love America, and what she stands for, more than many Americans do.
Hey @Kaepernick7see what our flag means?
This should embarrass the @DNC that a foreign country loves America more than they do. Na who am I kidding the Democrats won't miss a beat.
Don’t see anybody kneeling there !Symbols of freedom. Meanwhile actual Americans want to give socialism a try and hand over their freedom on a platter.
Take note millennials.
Don’t let any modern day leftist like @AOC etc.... see this or they’ll turn against Hong Kong protesters. They don’t believe the USA is a country to look up to or to aspire to.
There is a lesson to be learned here. That's why we stand for the flag and show it the respect it deserves. God bless the people of Hong Kong.
God bless them. They know what the American flag means.
And yet some of our athletes take a knee during the national anthem.
Now THATs a reason to wave the flag!
What? AND nobody took a knee?
Where's Collin?
What a beautiful sight, our flag held high by people who appreciate America and our freedom
God bless them and keep them safe!
They're more patriotic than Americans. Wtf?
Let’s do a population swap - their pro-democracy/pro-American youths for our pro-socialism/anti-American snowflakes.
Colin Kaepernick would be taking a knee and pocketing his Nike cash.

You want more? I re-read the tweets...and by golly you were right. I found TWO possible Democrats and dozens more like those above.
The THREAD TITLE? Just like that, the left begins to support the Chinese government
Dec 2018
I have questions:
  1. Where do you see anything in this tweet or video that suggests political affiliation?
  2. Your laugh emoji suggests you think this video is funny. Does that mean you think it's silly for people in another country to be holding an American flag and singing our national anthem?
  3. Can you explain to me why there are protests going on right now in China? Because if you knew why these people are protesting, I can't imagine you'd be laughing at the fact that they're singing the US National Anthem.
Feb 2014
Max Weber did not believe China's culture and history is compatible with democracy, but I think it could be argued that their legalism and history of education and history of group decisions are all compatible with democracy. However, the West took advantage of China and damaged its political strenth so badly it fell. At this point of desperation, their communist neighbor appeared to be their best hope. However, for mass democracy, there must be education for that and the US doesn't have that anymore, but started relying on Christianity as our forefathers did. I surely do not blame China's leaders for fearing democracy will lead to mass chaos as did many in the American colonies. China has survived thousands of years, mostly because of Confucianism and the West was as cancer, killing China before it became communist.
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