Just the Beginning of Right Wing Tyranny in the New and Improved United States of Trump

May 2018
Hey, it was worth a shot, trying for common ground.

Trump is the great divider. In my almost 70 years on Earth, I've never seen anything like it. He stokes people's fears. He's a bully, a ridiculer. A liar. We should be able to agree on that. And, the left and right wing extremists don't speak for you or me. We should be able to agree on that as well.

No? Ah well.....

The far-right was responsible for the majority
of America’s extremist killings in 2017
They’ll just make excuses. They’re not interested in the truth.
Oct 2010
I have far more in common w/ sovereign citizens or communist compounds than wild sjws or fundamentalists. I clearly cannot stand for how authoritarian the American left has become and i cannot believe that you are unable to see it.

The divide was already there you just didn't see it. Trump is the loud, frustrated scream of "middle America" who are sick to death of being pushed around by the radical left.
What the hell am I doing by pointing out that the extremes of both parties don't represent you or me BUT looking for our common ground. But maybe I'm wrong. You won't budge and you continue to heap blame and denigrate only the left, and that's a mistaken POV.

So maybe I'm wrong. Maybe the right-wing radicals do speak for you.

As for the divide, your present chosen side has been cultivating the divide since the Silent Majority days. Your side has let the evangelicals infect your party with the idea that God is on the Rs' side while Satan backs the left, the angry left-wing mob as DJ has characterized ALL Democrats and liberals.

Please define "middle America."
Sep 2018
Half? Half the progressives? There are 9 court justices. Please identify the 4-5 progressives on the court.
I Already Did, Dunce
Ruth, Soto. Kagan, Beyer

Kav Didn't Vote
Only Eight Justices Ruled

Figure It Out
...If You Can
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Sep 2015
Brown Township, Ohio
North Dakota and Vermont are the only two States in the Union that I have never walked on their soil. North Dakota has a booming oil industry where even the poor get rich. Bismarck is the Capitol of North Dakota and named after Otto von Bismarck, a German War Hero of the 19th Century. England sunk the Bismarck but that is a lie and the Third Reich Captain scuttled The Bismarck. Tirpitz was the only sister ship of the Bismarck and the British Navy sunk her in Norway.
Nov 2012
Yes, it is the OLD rules, superseded by the current law before the SC.
You are incorrect. It is the current law I linked. The first giveaway, besides it being an official state page, is the 2018 reference on the left side.
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