Justin Trudeau is being honest

Sep 2019
Unlike most white people who wore black face before and who still do it now, Canadian PM Justin Trudeau is being honest when he says "his privilege gave him a blind spot on the issue" of how racist it was to wear black/brown face.
Justin Trudeau says he does not know how many times he's worn blackface in his life - CNN

And unlike the current wave of white kids who are deliberately wearing black face to spread racism, Justin Trudeau did it in a show about Arabian nights and a Jamaican skit singing Day O.

100's of millions of white people were taught that it was perfectly acceptable to wear black face prior to the 1990's. They thought nothing of it, same as they thought nothing of calling black people the N word.

Today white kids know better and choose to do so out of pure hatred that's being unleashed in this nation by donald trump et al.
University Of Minnesota Duluth Students Appear In Blackface, Repeat Racist Stereotypes In Video | HuffPost


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