Karma Pays A Visit To Charleston Detention Center

Nov 2012
One of the aspects of a civilized society is a dependable and fair criminal justice system. Without a system of laws, enforcement, and a robust judiciary, society would break down into what many conservatives believe would be “real America.

” Oftentimes, the “system” appears to fail and instead of even a semblance of justice, there is a veritable license to break the law; usually reserved for the rich, the religious, and sadly law enforcement.

When the system breaks down, some individuals conclude the only means of dispensing justice is by taking matters into their own hands: what is regarded as vigilantism.

Inmate Rewarded With Release After Beating Charleston Massacre Suspect
"Stafford is no longer being held at the Center because he is out on a $100,000 bond thanks to the largesse of anonymous donors."



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Oct 2010
Now, it may seem that Mr. Roof got what was coming to him and no doubt that mindset contributed to the donations that allowed Stafford out on bond. However just it may seem on its face, that kind of thinking does not contribute to civilized society or any sense of justice. First, although Mr. Stafford was in jail for “alleged” violent crimes, due to anonymous donors he is back on the streets instead of under guard for “alleged” violent crimes. Second, since when is it civilized to reward one ‘suspected’ violent criminal for beating another ‘suspected’ criminal while in custody? One can’t help wonder exactly how rewarding violence equates to justice for the nine slain members of Emanuel AME Church, or how contributing to the release of a suspected violent offender will make the community any safer or help prosecutors get real justice for Dylann Roof’s victims.
Any prisoner being held in the same detention facility as Roof probably has a record of arrests for violent crime.

His being on the street doesn't sound good to me. I bet he'll be back in jail soon.
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