Kavanaug has lied , or distorted multiple times and wouldn't answer the questions , during the hearing

Oct 2017
There has been many stories on the truth of what Kavanagh said. Showing in fact where Kavenaugh lies lay with corresponding supporting evidence, proving them lies and while The doctor answered all the questions put to her , Kavanaugh rarely answered a question. So where does this blind support come from. Kavanaugh attack and opinions of the left hardly makes him a choice for a non partisan Supreme court selection. My opinion is that he has already made a deal with The rights president, on everything from supporting him even if he is a criminal and over turning Wade vs Roe. Not because Their president is against it , as he has said many times in the past but without it , he would not get elected again, but he doesn't care at all other then supporting it until he became a right wing candidate.
Oct 2017
The Idea that this guy has any substance or cares about anything but himself is a joke. This specific person being picked by the right wing Christians on his values is no different then the the other valueless dictators doing the same for support and the people supporting them because of this lie.
Dec 2015
Well, the president is losing interest in the Kavanaugh process. Of course, that's what happens when you have ADHD and after all, it's been more than 5 minutes.

Trump: Not acceptable if Kavanaugh lied in testimony. For me, that would not be acceptable.
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May 2018
His answers during the hearing were laughable for someone who wants to be on the Court. He doesn't deserve it and should not be on it.