Kentucky governor says Kim Davis should pay legal fees in same-sex marriage case

Nov 2005
I think that you should reread the thread. Again. You use a lot of words to not say very much and make a lot of assumptions as you do it.
I have never claimed to be a libertarian and have different beliefs of what rights are.
I do not think the state should be able to stop you from getting married and i dont think that the state should be able to force me to participate in it
Try thinking about the topic for a change.

Suppose you want to go to a church and ask a pastor / priest to marry you before God but you don't want state recognition.
Who is stopping you?
Hint: NO ONE.
The state doesn't stop people from getting married. It inhibits government recognition of some forms of marriage.

Nobody forces you to ACTUALLY participate in a marriage. Some people foolishly argue they are "part" of a marriage by actions that no rational person would proclaim for other circumstances.
If a gun shop owner sells a gun used in a murder, does that mean the gun owner is "participating in" the murder???
Yeah. Another question for you to dance around. :rolleyes:

But none of that matters. What matters is the sueing of public officials for job performance. This is not how our system works. If this is something that you support get ready for a bumpy ride.

We DO NOT sue public officials JUST for "job performance".
Denying civil rights IS NOT intelligibly classified as "job performance". It's a violation of the constitution!

I can give you example after example after example throughout our history of how Americans DID NOT take this idiotic route of JUST "voting out" politicians and governments who refused to recognize civil rights.
I asked you a question earlier but you still refused to intellectually engage on the issue. SCOTUS cases like Loving v Virginia would never have existed if people had followed your recommendations.