Let's abolish a common republican talking point during the Mueller hearing.

Feb 2019
Trump tweeted, and many other Republicans drew attention to the fact that Mueller wasn't fired, as if that clears up all obstruction charges.

This point is invalid. Trump tried to stop the investigation or obstruct justice around 10 times. He was only stopped by his associates, like Don Mcgahn. Who resigned because Trump was asking him to do "crazy shit".

Trump also knew that firing Mueller would have caused a massive amounts of political outrage. It also would have been a clear talking point after his term as POTUS if he is tried for his crimes.

Republicans seem really keen on avoiding some of the main points of this report. Like the Trump tower meeting. Which his son-in-law knew about, his closest friend and campaign manager knew about, yet he didn't know about it? BS. Also, let's not forget the 10 times he tried to obstruct justice. Including the one time where he tried to limit the scope of the investigation so it excluding Trump. Also this memorable quote.

"Oh god, this is terrible, this is the end of my presidency, I'm fucked."
-Trump, upon learning that he was under investigation

Ah, yes, what every innocent person says when they learn they are being investigated.

But, let's just say that everything that is in the Mueller report is BS, Trump is still surrounds himself with criminals. His lawyer, his campaign manager, and his campaign associates are all in jail. He is a complete outlier from every other president in history, his lies and criminal friends make his administration more akin to the mafia. Every day is a scandal with this blasphemous, sorry excuse for a human. I hope he loses 2020 and Mueller throws his sorry ass in jail.