Lib attacks GOP candidate

Dec 2013
Beware of watermelons
My point being, bias is ubiquitous, and veracity is a subjective determination, along with bias. Dismissing the "legacy media" wholesale is a very weak position and a dishonest debate tactic.

I don't dismiss them wholesale but they have been cought far to many times being disingenuous and lying. They have an agenda. They had a monopoly on the flow of information for decades. The 2016 election and brexit was the first time in a long time they couldn't control the narrative. Now we see a global effort to regain that control.
Dec 2013
Beware of watermelons
Wait! How is Jimmy Dore a "hard leftist," and what is that exactly? I've been a subscriber to his premium edition (and later Patreon member) for 6 or 7 years now. What set him apart during your last presidential pageant was that Jimmy was one of the few voices with a modest amount of success( at that time, Cenk Yugur asked him to set up a TYT Comedy show for their network) who wouldn't compromise when the order went out to all Democrats to Stand With HERRRRRRRR. So, Jimmy was getting into too many arguments with Cenk, Ana and the rest of fake progressives on the TYT panel about what to do and where to go after Bernie was shut down before the Convention. The rest of the gang drank the "now that Bernie's gone we have to support Hillary so Trump doesn't win" chorus, and Jimmy wasn't having it! So, he ended up supporting the Green Party....wasted vote or not! I don't see how the Green Party is hard left either for that matter! They're just not corrupted and co-opted by corporate donors....which I'm pretty damn sure that Cenk and Ana are now that their show got big enough on Youtube to score some major funding dollars.

Jimmy isn't an expert in politics or economics, but he is learning! And he does invite guests on who can give expert opinions. He's mostly liberal, but a hardliner when it comes to single payer healthcare. And on the premium episodes..which are little more loose and free-flowing, he has explained that he has a rare bone condition that he rarely talks about, which exacerbated other health problems and have cost him most of the money he made in the late 90's and early 2000's, when he was a comedy club headliner and had three Comedy Central specials under his belt. So, now that he's making enough money to pay the bills again, he doesn't want to have his savings cleaned out again by medical costs and doesn't want others who are less fortunate to lose their houses and retirement savings also. Doesn't really strike me as very radical....unless you work for an insurance company!

Ok. Call him what you want. I wouldn't call him a centerist, neo liberal or a moderate.

I would say tyt is corporate like ben shapiro is. They (tyt) have apparently been picked by YouTube (google) as their arbiters of the "news" on their platform. I could easily be wrong.
Jun 2018
South Dakota
Dismissing the "legacy media" wholesale is a very weak position and a dishonest debate tactic.
It's not dishonest to dismiss them at this point. Perhaps not wholesale but they're getting there.

In my working days we had "legacy" products. They were obsolete, underperforming in the market and high cost to maintain. They were products that whe had to support till theri contracted oblogations ran out of they were upgraded to the scrap yard. The "legacy media" is basically no different, dinosaurs that survived the asteroid strike and refuse to die. But die they did.
May 2018
When Drudge posted this story yesterday, it was up with a few other stories about: a Wyoming Republican candidate's campaign office being set on fire; a Congressman claiming to have received death threats, and a couple of others I forget...the takeaway seemed to be the threat of violence is from the left/not the right.
That strains credibility a little if we consider which side has the guns, which side has the military veterans, which side belongs to irregular militias who conduct their own combat drills...whenever they hear black helicopters are flying around!
So, I'd say the antifa-type groups that declare they are willing and ready to meet force with force when dealing with Neonazis, Klansmen and three percenters etc., better make sure they're up to the challenge, if they're going to try to shut down nazi marches and demonstrations.
Gosh, you sure must be correct. It's not as if conservatives don't drive cars into crowds of people, killing and maiming, don't bomb abortion clinics or set gay bars on fire, fire guns at people and threaten to even more...

Clearly, the threat of violence is from the left :rolleyes:
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