List of global coups and protests occurring in 2019 - Global unrest?

Nov 2019
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I wanted to get a list going and see if anyone else can connect the dots... feel free to add and explain your take on what looks like a very alarming, far reaching, global panic and wave of lawlessness. You know who the man of lawlessness is. And you know America will follow suit the same day Trump is ejected from office. Welcome to hell on earth!

2019 Gabonese coup
2019 United States coup
2019 Israeli coup
2019 Sudan coup
2019 Bolivia coup
2019 Ethiopia coup
2019 Venezuela coup
2019 Ethiopia coup
2019 Sudanese coup
2018 Yemeni Coup
2019 Columbian Protests
2019 Bolivian protests
2019 Chilean protests
2019 Ecuadorian protests
2018-2019 Haitian protests
2019 Latin American protests
2019 Hong Kong protests
2018-2019 Nicaraguan protests
2019 Algerian protests
2019 Iraqi protests
2019 Lebanese protests
2018 Armenian Velvet Revolution (coup)
2018-19 Arab protests
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Feb 2006
Say Good - Bye.... The World is Tired of it!

An Abrahamic religion is a religion whose followers believe in the prophet Abraham and his descendants to hold an important role in human spiritual development. The best known Abrahamic religions are Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

Nov 2019
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Houston, we have a problem....

Lawlessness has surrounded the globe - just what Obama wants
Nov 2019
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In the end, after Barack Obama, the ANTICHRIST, HAS BEEN SLAIN, the lion of Judah will reign for all eternity....

Feb 2006
The Hopi Native Americans of the American Southwest have an ancient prophecy that has long foreseen the destruction of our present world through a purification by fire. You will know the times for this purification are at hand when a series of prophecies known as the “final warnings” are fulfilled.

The first set of warnings were meant to alert the Hopi elders of a future time when the purification of the world was at hand; after which, they were expected to break their silence and warn the world of a second set of predictions hastening the onset of the purification of the world by fire.

Here is the first set of warnings:

THE WARNING: An iron horse will come to the land of the red man.

THE FULFILLMENT: This is the train. It appeared in the 19th century

THE WARNING: The white man will raise metal wires into the skies.

THE FULFILLMENT: These are telegraph lines of the 19th and later the power lines of the 20th century.

THE WARNING: Cobwebs will crisscross the skies.

THE FULFILLMENT: These are the contrails of planes and jets.

THE WARNING: The powers of the red, the swastika, and the sun will threaten turtle island.

THE FULFILLMENT: North America seen from space looks like the outline of a turtle. (Do not ask me how pre-Columbian seers knew that.

In World War II and in the Cold War that followed, these three “powers” did threaten North America. The swastika of the Nazis and later the “red” forces of the Communists of Russia and China beset Turtle Island. The powers of the sun did directly scorch the earth of native lands when the white man tested his atomic bombs in Nevada and New Mexico near the Hopi sacred lands in Arizona.

THE WARNING: The white man will create a Gourd of Ashes that will lay waste to the land and keep it infertile for generations.

THE FULFILLMENT: These are atomic bombs. Radiation is the sterilizing plague.

THE WARNING: The fulfillment of this first set of signs will warrant the Hopi Elders end their long silence and spread their prophetic message that the great purification is at hand. They will share their message and their wisdom to the people of the world so that everyone could prepare or soften its blow upon the earth.

THE FULFILLMENT: Indeed over 50 years ago, the Hopi Elders agreed that the first wave of signs had all been fulfilled. They therefore began warning the world about the prophecies of a coming purification. Some of the elders, such as Thomas Banyaca, have explained the prophecies on national television and spoke before the entire delegation of the United Nations.

Now comes the second set of final warnings:

THE WARNING: A tribe of red hat and red cloaked people would come in great numbers from the East, traveling through the air. They would colonize the Western American lands and then scatter and disappear.

THE FULFILLMENT: The Tibetans came calling on the Hopi Elders when the first three precursory signs in their own 1,200 year old prophecy concerning the transplantation of their religion to America were fulfilled.

This prophecy coming from Padmasambhava, the founder of Tibetan Buddhism, says, “When the iron bird flies (airplanes) and the horse runs on wheels (cars), the Tibetan people will be scattered like ants across the face of the Earth, and the Dharma will come to the land of the red men.”

Since the 1970s, the Dalai Lama and a number of marooned robed priests fulfilled Hopi prophecy by regularly paying a visit to the Hopi elders and moving on. Many Hopi’s also believe a later visitation in the 1980s of red cloaked and capped followers of Bhagwan Rajneesh coming in their thousands to Eastern Oregon completes the prophecy. Even a handful of Rajneeshees, aware of the prophecy, paid a visit to the Hopi elder-in-chief, Grandfather David Monongye, in 1985, before they and their fellow red clothed travelers soon vanished from sight. HogueProphecy - Nostradamus and Predictions for the New Millennium

THE WARNING: The white man will steal rocks from the moon. This is a danger sign, that we are in the final days before the purification.

THE FULFILLMENT: The Apollo moon landings unearthed (or should I say “un-mooned?”) hundreds of pounds of moon rocks, taking them back to Earth. Indeed I saw one sitting under glass in the United Nations, just outside the main theater where the Hopi Elders shared their prophecies to the full United Nations delegation just a few years before.

THE WARNING: The white man will build a permanent house in the sky. This is the final warning before the purification.

THE FULFILLMENT: MIR may have blazed its way down to the sea in fragments, but the far more permanent International Space Station traverses our skies today. It will be fully operational in a few more years. One could argue that it is already operational and therefore the times of the purification have come.