Looks Like An Actual Case Of Voter Fraud Occurred. Guess Who's Responsible?

Nov 2012
As you surely know, Republicans everywhere are deeply, deeply concerned about the possibility that fraud might taint elections. The integrity of the ballot is so important to them, in fact, that they will happily disenfranchise thousands of voters if that’s what it takes to make sure that not a single illegitimate vote is cast.

They’ll purge voters from the rolls, impose onerous registration requirements, require picture IDs knowing that many voters don’t have them, all to make sure that every vote cast is pristine and pure.

Which is why Republicans everywhere are outraged about what seems to have happened in North Carolina’s 9th congressional district.

Oh wait. Actually, they’re not.


And it looks like the guy who's right in the middle of it has been doing it for eight years.

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Apr 2013
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The NYT stresses that this isn't voter fraud, this is systemic election fraud.


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Oct 2010

There are a few points to underscore here.​
First, Republicans have done untold damage to the integrity of elections by their false claims of fraud; and now, when the real thing appears to have occurred, the boys who cried wolf are nowhere to be seen. This is the most blatant and arguably serious example of putting party above country, and above democracy. You have to question whether a party that is uncommitted to preserving the credibility and integrity of elections is fit to govern.​
Second, with control of committees and the agenda in the House, Democrats are well-positioned to move forward with House Resolution 1, which just so happens to be about voting access, corruption and campaign finance. Public hearings on the actual impediments to voting (as we saw in Georgia with voter-roll purges, exact match rules and long lines at polling places in African American neighborhoods ), as well as concrete evidence of fraud (as will be presented in North Carolina) should inform the debate. Automatic voter registration should address some issues, but the apparent shenanigans in North Carolina and Georgia during this election cycle are a giant advertisement for updating of the Voting Rights Act and the reinstitution of the pre-clearance measures for those states with a history of voting violations.​

Dec 2015
Guess who's responsible?? Hmmm....process of elimination...not Russians, not Stormy, not Kimmie, not Prince Whosits.

Must have been Hillary or Barack.