Looks Like I Missed This Year's Flat Earth Society Conference!

Dec 2016
Why would anyone become a flatearther in this day and age? No doubt a declining education system and distrust of public authorities and "experts" has something to do with it!

“I’m not ashamed”: Flat Earthers find kindred spirits in a Denver convention center
The annual meeting gave people a chance to share ideas on a debunked scientific theory

Rick Hummer, an emcee at a flat Earth conference in Denver, looked into a sea of people and asked them to repeat three words.​
“I’m not ashamed,” Hummer said.​
The crowd eagerly responded.​
“I’m not ashamed of ridicule,” they chanted. “I’m not ashamed of mockery. I’m not ashamed of insults.”​
Mocked and demeaned daily by family, friends and even strangers, hundreds of flat Earthers rejoiced with like-minded folks Thursday during the second annual Flat Earth International Conference at the Crown Plaza Airport Convention Center in Denver.​
The two-day conference, put on by Canada-based Kryptoz Media, was packed with presentations and debates promoting and celebrating the theory that the Earth is flat. What exactly would a flat Earth look like? Well, that was up for debate, even among this crowd.​
Scientists have long since determined that the Earth is a sphere. It is not up for debate in any scientific circles.​
Despite overwhelming evidence, this group doesn’t buy it. The moon landing? Suspect. The Apollo mission? Problematic.​
After Hummell led his call-and-response, he introduced Rob Skiba. A popular YouTube character in the flat Earth community, Skiba pulled up a PowerPoint called “Debunking Flat Earth 101.” Then he whipped out a white lab coat.​
“I have no academic credentials,” he said. “But I do have a cloak of credibility.”​
The crowd cheered.​
Scientists, he continued, get away with misinformation because of their air of authority. Neil deGrasse Tyson, Bill Nye the Science Guy and Elon Musk were favorite targets of this crowd. As were NASA and the media.​
Skiba started his presentation with a reminder that everyone in the room went to the same schools as the rest of the population. They read the same books, watched the same movies and visited the same museums.​
“Never forget,” he said, addressing the globe-believers, “we used to be you.”.......................................................................................​
Dec 2016
I love the flat earth "debate" i find it fascinating.
Either fascinating or depressing! I am more reluctant to trust authority figures in many scientific fields than I used to be, because so much of scientific research today is dependent on funding from private interests with agendas to push. This is happening more and more in medical research...where non-disclosure agreements are part of the contracts offered by Big Pharma...just in case the lab produces results that the Company wants to bury as they fund other studies that will produce the numbers they want!

Even on global warming/climate change, many people get the feeling that the experts at the IPCC conferences aren't telling the whole story, and that's because THEY'RE NOT! They've been producing reports declaring for no good reasons that future increases of 1.5 or 2 degrees C are 'acceptable' and livable, even though every climate research lab around the world has been aware of positive feedback effects that will become a factor at some stage for decades now. They also produce future temperature and CO2 level forecasts that already factor in presently unknown inventions and strategies that will magically reduce carbon dioxide levels in the coming decades...all to keep hope alive..as Jesse Jackson would have said 30 years ago!

So, if people don't think guys in lab coats on TV can be taken at their word, it might not be a big stretch to just deny everything they say!