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Dec 2018
New England
"SACRAMENTO — They washed the man’s body with care, wrapping him in a plain white cloth before bringing him to the prayer hall where community members waited.
Most of the men and women gathered Saturday afternoon at the Greater Sacramento Muslim Cemetery to honor Nawres Waleed Hamid hadn’t known him, but they felt compelled to pay him respect.

Nawres Waleed Hamid, U.S. contractor killed in Iraq.( Courtesy of American River College)
A U.S. defense contractor in Iraq, Hamid was killed in December in a strike on an Iraqi military base where he worked as a linguist. His violent death triggered an escalation in the geopolitical struggle between Iran and the United States, belying the quiet life that he led at home in Sacramento and a temperament marked by gentleness.


But despite the politics surrounding the attack that killed him, the nature of Hamid’s death was not mentioned during the ceremony.

'Someone dies and there’s no such thing as a political discussion,' said Sajad Janmohamed, the manager of the cemetery. 'You do your duty to your fellow Muslim.'

News of Hamid’s funeral spread through Sacramento’s Muslim community Friday, the day his body was finally returned home. More people received word of his death via WhatsApp. He was buried the next day, in line with the Muslim tradition that requires funerals to be held as quickly as possible.

Mourners assembled inside the prayer hall at the rural cemetery in front of an archway of royal blue tiles, hand-engraved with Quranic verses honoring the dead, citing a traditional prayer: “We are from him. To him we return.”

About 50 people stood alongside Hamid’s wife as they lowered him into his final resting place, where he lay facing toward Mecca.

His two boys, ages 2 and 8, were absent..."

Jul 2019

awful for his wife an kids as well

I didn't know he was Muslim. That makes no difference to me, but I'm curious what our resident Islamophobe would say (haven't seen him post in a while though, and it's probably for the best)