Macron pension reform: France braces for severe disruption amid strike *RED ALERT*

Nov 2019
Upstate NY

France is preparing for severe disruption as millions of workers go on strike in protest at being forced to retire later or face reduced pensions.

School and transport workers will join police, lawyers and hospital and airport staff in a general walkout.

France's largest nationwide strike in years was agreed by unions unhappy with President Emmanuel Macron's plans for a universal points-based pension system.

Authorities have been trying to put in place plans to mediate the disruption.
The industrial action is expected to last beyond Thursday and some trade union leaders have warned they will continue their industrial action until Mr Macron abandons his campaign promise to overhaul the retirement system.

This is red alert status. This wave is headed for America and it isnt going to be pretty!


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Apr 2013
La La Land North
Good. The Unions in France are way too strong.

They deserve to be without wages for a while and need to move closer to the rest of the world in terms of days off, retirement age and such. I hope the government doesn't cave.
Jun 2018
South Dakota
Back in the mid 90's 3 reps from our European subsidiary came to a management conference in NYC. Lasted 2 weeks. All we heard the whole time was how great it is to have their partners the unions. They had developed a vast network of work rules that had severely hampered operations and they were trying to adopt our methods to keep from going ou of business. Some of the rules were really stupid and simply raised operating costs. One of the more draconian was the number of windows required in a room. In the end we simply broke the company up into small 3rd party privately owned businesses. Worked fine till the EU decided to target them for increased taxes and they had to close up. Actually they sold them.