Man Buns

Jul 2019
as a fashion statement, no

but a utilitarian way for a long haired hippie to get his hair out the way, especially when it's hot as balls out, yes

your 3 day music festival man buns and your hard working American man buns look different than your hipster coffee shop man buns
Aug 2019
Albuquerque, NM
And men who wear skinny jeans, or capri type pants. I know with global warming the water levels are rising but they are taking it too far with those flood pans :)
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Dec 2018
This is the closest I got last year. Never got man bun long but had to wear a buff if I wasn’t in the mood to style my hair. Maybe I’ll get back to that length but can’t imagine going any longer. Long hair is a lot of work.


Jul 2019
Oh I strongly disagree with this one. I don’t want dreads but I’d love to have a friend with dreads. Fucking love the dread head look, even when it’s pineappled up like this.
I have friends with dreads.

It took me a long time to come around to dreads (I probably lost out on friendships because of my previous snobbery), but I finally did learn to embrace them.

Not so sure about the Pineapple up-do, but dreads are cool.

hugging someone with dreads is a crunchy experience