Marijuana makes you want more sex, not less — and it might even make you enjoy it more

Feb 2006
Hell yeah!

  • The stereotype of a weed smoker is that they're lazy and can't be bothered to do anything.
  • This includes sex.
  • However, according to recent research, that isn't true at all.
  • In fact, people who use cannabis reported having more sex.
  • A separate study found that women who used cannabis before sex found it more enjoyable.

A common stereotype is that smoking weed makes you lazy. A "stoner" is often portrayed as someone who sits around snacking on junk food and is too languid to do anything — including have sex.

But scientific research has pushed back on this cliché. According to one study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine last year and spotted by Forbes, marijuana use is associated with increased sexual frequency. In other words, people who used cannabis had more sex than those who didn't — as much as 20% more.

The team from Stanford University in California analyzed data from more than 28,000 women and 22,000 men who were surveyed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Results showed there was no basis in the idea that cannabis reduces your libido, as there was no link between its use and impaired sexual function.
Jul 2019
weed is the best for sex,

especially in the mornings

and for women too (for some women it's like she-Viagra)

I used to make a point to wake up before her
just for the purpose of rolling her a morning blunt and making her smile
the good ole days
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Feb 2006
Weed always made me incredibly horny, but it also made me very sleepy.
Here kitty, kitty, kitty....

May 2018
I have used edibles for medical purposes and recreationally. For pain management after a medical procedure, it destroys any opioid. It actually kills pain and lets you sleep. And sleep is key to healing. Plus, you don't feel awful the next day. Actually, you feel refreshed and ready to go.

As far a sex goes, yes- marijuana does make you horny. Trust me on that.