Mars Insight

Apr 2013
La La Land North
I spent an hour + watching NASA's live stream of the control room for the Mars Insight lander EDL, that's Entry, Descent and Landing. It was suspenseful and actually thrilling.

Two things struck me. The raw emotion, the obvious worries through parts of the procedure that were high risk and/or complex. And the overwhelming joy at learning the landing had occurred successfully.

But also, they interviewed 5 section leaders and the over all project manager and all of them were eloquent, well spoken, knowledgeable needless to say and excellent speakers. It made me wonder if that was one of the criteria to get that type of job.

Having worked with researchers and engineers all my life, I assure you those are rare characteristics.

If you want to watch it already knowing the outcome, it's on Youtube. Still worth the look because the interviews with great graphics and animation, give a good indication of the process and difficulties of this complex operation.

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